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Any way that I can disable tessellation? (NVIDIA user)


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Any way that I can disable tessellation? (NVIDIA user)

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I'm a NVIDIA Graphic Card user, and I'm currently using a 720M. I'm looking for ways to boast my FPS on Mass Effect: Andromeda. Is there any way that I, as a NVIDIA user, can, then, disable tessellation? I'm open to any other suggestion to improving perfomance on this game.

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Re: Any way that I can disable tessellation? (NVIDIA user)

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Assuming your video drivers are up to date to begin with ->


In the NVIDIA Control Panel, under 3D Settings, Adjust image settings with preview: select "Use my preference emphasising" and move the slider all the way to performance.


Then, under Manage 3D Settings, Global Settings, Power management mode, select "Prefer maximum performance".


For texture filtering quality, select High Performance.


Click Apply at bottom right and see what kind of performance you then get.

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Re: Any way that I can disable tessellation? (NVIDIA user)


In your previous thread I mentioned that forcing tessellation off can lead to huge performance gains on AMD GPUs (especially before the 400 series). However, I don't think it will affect an Nvidia GPU much if at all. Last I heard Nvidia does not have a tessellation override, but I honestly don't think it will matter.


I'll look into it some more.

I don't work for EA.

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Betreff: Any way that I can disable tessellation? (NVIDIA user)



The most performance gain you will get is by reducing Shadow quality, Terrain quality, Anti-Aliasing, and Lighting quality.


I doubt that there is much more you can do in the driver, except what @EA_Barry has already mentioned.
Maybe switching off anti-aliasing and texture filters completely.


This is a players helping players forum, I don't work for EA.
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