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Anthem will not launch on Xbox one after update

by nion9

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Anthem will not launch on Xbox one after update

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Hi. I loaded up Anthem on my Xbox One X and was maybe 20 min into free play when the game froze, crashed then reset. Since that time I have been unable to launch the title. It simply states it can not connect to EA servers. I thought maybe it was my router but all my other devices are online and other online games (Apex for example) work fine. Please help. Xbox doesn’t have similar settings to PC so all those fixes I’ve read for Origin subscribers won’t work for me. I love the game, even with its flaws, but I need it work to justify spending my hard earned money.

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Re: Anthem will not launch on Xbox one after update

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Anthem froze and crashed for me in the middle of a mission at 10:30pm MST yesterday on Feb 24th, it is now 6:00pm MST Feb 25th, and all I get it an infinite loading screen after a laggy opening, audioless laggy title screen.
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Re: Anthem will not launch on Xbox one after update

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I get this same infinite frozen menu screen and connection errors. Below is everything I opened a ticket for EA and what I did to TRY to fix it before opening the ticket. My game has been down for 2 days.


Today is 27 Mar 19 I have not been able to play anthem for 3 days. 24 Mar 19 evening, I hopped onto my XboxOne and loaded anthem. At first it was fine, game menu came up, I pressed "A" to connect. Game loaded and I started in Fort Taris. After a few minutes walking around talking to the NPCs I decided to launch a game to do a Stronghold. I joined and it began to bug out as if I was horribly lagging. During a fight the game just crashed back to my XboxOne menu. I tried to reload now the game launched and went to the game menu. Now there is no music when it loads the game or sits on the game menu. When I press "A" and the background animation of the guys working on the Javelins freeze about half the time. The other half it just flashes "Connecting to Online Services..." for about 30 sec then the entire screen freezes for about 5 min then the animation resumes and and the "Connecting to Online Services..." for about another 15 - 30 seconds. After which the "Connecting to Online Services..." disappears and the whole screen is frozen again. After waiting another 60 seconds or so an error pops up saying: "CONNECTION PROBLEM" "The Anthem service is currently unavailable. Please see: -OR- for more information. I press "A" to acknowledge the error then flashing on the screen "estimated time...XX (count down timer)" appears on the screen for +/-15 seconds. After which it goes back to saying "Connecting to Online Services..." and the screen is frozen. After about another 60 seconds the game then generates another error: "CONNECTION PROBLEM" "You have lost your connection to EA Servers. Please check your internet connection and try again. See for additional information." I press "A" to acknowledge the error again, at this point the screen freezes until I force quit the game.

Now for my corrective actions that still did NOT fix the problem:
1) I completely exited the game using the "QUIT GAME" option and went back to the XboxOne Dashboard, where I relaunched the game for the exact same error. I did this about 15 times now.--NO FIX
2) I turned my XboxOne Completely off after quitting the game, several times. Let it sit for about 15 minutes without power.--NO FIX
3) Verified my Xbox Live Gold was active, it is.--NO FIX
4) Reset my router a number times.--NO FIX
5) Made sure my connection was good by playing other online games.--NO FIX
6) Verified the Status of the Servers, which says the servers are online and fine.--NO FIX
7) Verified my account status as not being Banned or Suspended.--NO FIX
8) Verified my account has not been deactivated or deleted.--NO FIX
9) Checked forums for similar issues there is nothing to help fix this.--NO FIX

This is ridiculous and infuriating. I should not be paying for something that I can not even play. This needs to be fixed immediately or I want my money back.


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Re: Anthem will not launch on Xbox one after update

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I haven’t been able to play Anthem for 10 plus days now because of this issue. I really am quite frustrated, but hoping a new patch will fix it...

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Re: Anthem will not launch on Xbox one after update

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I am having the same issue. The strange part is that the effected xbox is the gears of war xbox one S. 

I have the xbox one x in my bedroom and it works great in there. 

The One S has not loaded Anthem for weeks.

We got an update again today and it still does not work.

I have tried all of your above fixes with no results. This is crazy.

Trying to find a fix on these forums is way to difficult. All I see is people asking for help and haven't seen much of EA responding...

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Re: Anthem will not launch on Xbox one after update

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@Bioha2ard That's crazy. Bought game yesterday and it is still worst. Playes 2h and now won't let me in game on xbox one console.
Seems i have 14 days to refund my money back.
Game is cool and beautiful but this problems killed game. So im quiet about story and endgame... Anyways that was last game which i bought from EA.
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