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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

by CapitanHarIock

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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same here. 

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Today while playing anthem my gpu decided to shut itself off. First time that ever happened. Gpu has been rock solid otherwise. I also notice flickering when forge is open and there's that white line that travels horizontally across the screen. Also the only instance i've ever seen. I know its the game because when you have item window open in forge the light only travels across the open window which is half the screen. And the flickering is confined to that half where the line travels across. This is a high end GPU and computer. Bioware you better get it together, if my graphics card gets wrecked playing your game you're gonna have an upset customer

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Ask your friend is the HDR on/auto? If is on try switch it off. Then give us a feedback
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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I just got the Issue resolved at least for me.

After many crashes / restarts / reinstalls and driver updates I found that stupid bug.


Since DMC5 is out since last Friday I been playing it for as long I could. 

BUT for some reason the day after I got the same PC restart thingy going on......

So I compared my settings of Anthem to DMC5 but not much of a difference there. 

And then it clicked for me "I haven't been playing a SINGLE game past 10 years in Full screen o_O"

So I just changed from Full screen to windowed and then to full windowed screen and it's been working half day long without any problemm.


That whole thing been more of a trial and error situation for me. The only option I haven't tryed is to updating my BIOS.

It might be my 8+ years old monitor that caused my 1070 Ti go fullretard or that plug (Adapter HDMI to DVI)


And anyone still saying it has something to do with temperatures. Been testing it aswell and not a single part of my PC have exceeded above 70°C.

If I won't have any issue for the next week that'll be my last post. Tongue out

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Hi, I'm experiencing the same complete shutdown issue.

Actually, it happened twice: the first time I played, during the tutorial mission, and now during the second of Dax' missions )currently at level 15). The first time I managed to move on playing the game on another pc on which the same mission had no problems whatsoever. I have been able to replicate the behavior on my main pc every single time I tried, and found out both time it involved the same interaction: in my case everything shuts down in the moment I place an echo inside the ferrofluid-looking thingy with the resulting glowing effect. Strange thing is that every other missions in between showed no issues at all. I already tried to repair the game, use both older and up-to-date drivers for both cpu and gpu, changed from full screen to borderless and vice versa, tried to use vsync, remove overclock, but to no avail. Needless to say I don't have any thermal issue as I'm running a full custom watercooling loop for both cpu and gpu.

One thing I noticed is that a whole lot of people with a similar problem appear to be running at least one AMD component, so I'm guessing something has to do with some kind of incompatibility that HAD to be already dealt with?

Full specs are:

ROG Crosshair VI Hero X370
Ryzen 7 1700
GTX 1080 Ti Aorus
4 x 4 GB Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4
Corsair HX850i
WD Black nvme ssd for OS
Crucial MX500 for games

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

[ Edited ]
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I am running the game on an ASUS ROG STRIX SCAR II with an i7 8750H and a GTX 1070. I have the game...


  • set to XBOX ONE X equivalent settings on PC,
  • capped the fps to 30 with nvidia inspector,
  • set the 1070 to stock clocks

and it still randomly hard crashes my PC and all I see in my Event Viewer is Event ID 41.


This laptop comes with a 230W PSU and with the above settings it maxes out at 150W draw from the wall. CPU and GPU temps are within acceptable ranges for their specific components.


It's definitely a game issue since other games run just fine.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I am still seeing crashes with the new 1.0.4 patch.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I have been still running into this issue as well, have we come to any conclusions?  really irritating.



Asus sabertooth Mark 2


16Gb ram

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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@JaseJoshua wrote:

I have been still running into this issue as well, have we come to any conclusions?  really irritating.



Asus sabertooth Mark 2


16Gb ram

newbie :0

this post has been close a month ago . bcouz everyone is play it 

if you wanna play a game need very serious stable computer

even your computer pass many benchmark test but its wont help

a game spend cpu and gpu than other game has.. its spend same as a program is for render a work :O


just don't overclock and try to play it from default first  ^_^ 



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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Thought I'd add to this - the problem is not resolved.


My game stability is worse now than at release. Each of 2 sessions in the past 3 days I have had the system simply switch off then power back on, booting to windows. No bios error is recorded and the warmboot generates no codes in windows.


My system is stable with no alterations recently in software or hardware. My temps across the board are fine and power draw is within reasonable limits.


Im operating:

i7 8700k (4.8GHz)

Maximus X Hero

32GB RAM (XMP settings)

1080Ti (2075MHz Core, mild RAM overclock)

Windows 10 x64. 

Audio - HDMI out to Denon AVR and 4k monitor

Main screen 27" Asus 1440p G-Sync.


Late version drivers for GPU, Audio, mb etc.

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