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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

by 8EOS71

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Is there a solution for that error? 

Because I notice to crash only in situation where I do combo with many enemies or on explosive tanks (turrets , flamethrower tanks)

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Update: Now I've done a couple of things but not all together sure which made the most impact but I first installed old drivers from Jan, changed to play in 1080p windowed mode set FPS to 60, set virtual memory to 8gb and there was a patch. The game is crashing much less now sometimes I can play most of the day and it won't crash once but there are times when it chain crashes but then I just stop playing.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I have the exact same problem. No other game has any problem
No problem with RAM or temperatures. While in a fight it is like someone is pulling off the plug.

i7 6700 4ghz
16 gig Ram
1070 gtx 8gb
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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Allright Update: I don't know why or how BUT after some testing with my Grafik settings. For some reason the lower my settings are the more often I had crashes and after VSync ON and All possible option set to Ultra it somehow started to work and stopped crashing.

PS: VSync ON lower settings still crashes, so it was not fixed by it.


AMD Ryzen 7 2700X


Geforce GTX 1070Ti

500W supply

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Depending on your PC, this is probably either a heat or PSU issue (also check your actual outlet in the wall, just in case). I ran some stress tests on my PC and cross checked a number of other possible problems. I couldn't see that my heat was an issue from the results not that power was spiking (does not mean that either weren't the problem though). BUT, I replaced the stock CPU cooler (FX8350s run hot and so this was long overdue) and upgraded the PSU from a 550W (reasonably inexpensive) PSU to a MWE bronze 650W cooler master - cost me approx AU$115 all up.  Now having zero issues with PC shutting off and the system running brilliantly in every way. Good luck freelancers.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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@Reavsey wrote:

I have this exact problem. Played through the tutorial while game was preloading with no issue. Currently running memtest 86 to see if I have any memory issues.


In my case nothing gets hot or overheats it just shuts the pc down anything from 1-10 minutes into a mission. Seems to be fine in the fort. 


PC is running an i9900k and 2080 Ti with 16gb ram, so really shouldn't be having issues with this game. 

I am running a 9900k and 2080 to with 32 gigs of RAM. 

Make sure your motherboard has the latest bios and then go to intels website and insure your using the latest 9900k drivers. I am running the 9900k on a Aorus Master and I have flashed my bios 4 or 5 times since I got in December of 2018. The leading edge tech always has rocky launches with compatibilty. I was getting a Directx engine error in Apex legends before Anthem came out.. had the latest nvidia drivers and the latest 9900k drivers... then I check my bios and compared it to the releases on the Aorus website... there were so many updates I missed (Aorus released 4 or 5 updates for my mobo between dec 2018 and the end of january 2019. I flashed my bios then ran the driver tool from intels website and it updated my 9900k drivers. Then Nvidia said there was a newer driver for the card immediately after I flashed my bios. Not sure if it was because of the bios flash or they just happened to release new * immediatly after my bios flash but everything has been running flawlessly since.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Same issue for me although I was able to play through the Demo, and level up to 14 after the game launched and just now am starting to see the issue occur. Seems quite random, so far Anthem is the only thing that causes this to happen. I'm able to run VR just fine, so I don't see why this game should be taxing my system to the point of failure. I wonder if it has to do with AMD chips, looks like OP has an AMD processor, I read PS4s are crashing because of Anthem also and I believe they use AMD too.



GTX 1060 6gb

16GB ram 

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I HAD the same problem and i still have when i have both monitors connected to my Graphic card. After of countless installations of windows, game and drivers I decide to turn off the second monitor ( witch is not the primary )

Game works fine with one monitor, turn on the other and then same *.

BSOD, Black frozen screen or shutting down the computer.

I hope that can help.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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have the same problem. btw to all those fellas saying it's a hardware problem. every other game i have in my pc works just fine with ultra settings. i have a 750w psu. rx590 ryzen 5 2600x 16gb ram. should be more than enough. gpu temp never exceeds 50c and cpu is around 30-40. and i'm adding dxdiag.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

[ Edited ]
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I also have this problem, and only in this game. Over 50 games played on current spec, never had a single problem.

6700k 1080ti 16gb ram, z270 GB gaming k5 mb, and Corsair HX850i psu.

It just shuts down the power randomly, just  *, and the pc starts it up automatically.

Good thing I bought 1 month origin premier, so I can cancel it before it destroys my pc.

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