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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

by Glorfind3lDaBest

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Download nvidia inspector and set fps to 60. works for me.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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For me, I only have the problem when I install the latest AMD drivers. As soon as i installed, ANY game I play crashes my computer. If I roll back to previous versions, I can play other games, but Anthem requires a newer version(the version that crashes my computer)

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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dead serious just dropped an 8350 not 30 minutes ago. Upgrading from a 4350 as i was sure that was the issue. I run literally the exact same system otherwise:

16gb DDR3
MSI Radeon RX480 (4GB)
AMD FX-8350

NOPE. Still crashed when i loaded anthem, 15 seconds after hitting the icon it shuts my whole system down. What a bummer, waiting for the new processor to show up and to boot it was a super * day at work so life is swell :3

Rolling back AMD drivers to 19.1.2, as that is when they released support for Anthem. It has worked. anywhere from 10-30 minutes of gameplay before my * shuts down again. Adding Frame Rate Limiter to 40 because i'm not a scrub who gives a * about frames higher than 30 lol

Wish me luck!

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I was getting a lot of BSOD shut downs. I could play for a few missions and then it would crash randomly. The only fix that worked for me was to turn off all overclocking (xmp, msi afterburner, etc.). It sucks losing the extra fps but I've had no crashes since doing that.


Ryzen 7 2700x

32gb DDR4 3200

1080 ti

samsung 970 pro nvme

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I also have 1080ti shuts down on start up now but did let me play it about 5 times for 8 mins now it shuts down on start up every time:/ not good
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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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We have very similar systems, except I'm running a GTX 1070.


Inside the fort I'm fine. When I run missions I get to the end and before I get to the xp award screen, whole system just shuts down. Happened multiple times across last night and tonight.


Lucky I saw this thread as I was on the verge of buying a new PSU and/or Heat sink for the processor. 


I'll try a reinstall and see how that goes. Anyone received any further news from EA about this or any other "fixes" that might help?

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I replaced my PSU and game has been fine since. Every thing other than the game was fine. When I played anthem the game would crash. I believe voltage spike was happening on processor and  and an intermittent psu caused this. 


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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Can I ask what PSU you chose? I uninstalled and reinstalled, made sure I wasn't running MSI Afterburner and then loaded game and as soon as I tried to load into free play the game crashed. Not a heat issue and it isn't happening just in one mission so I'm guessing it's the PSU. Running a Thermaltake 550W PSU which should handle my setup so the only reasonable explanation is that the PSU is faulty..?
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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I had this issue during the demo, and the issue disappeared during the 1st early access week. The issue came back with the Day 1 Patch.


I got it FIXED enabling vsync, and the reason is that mostly during loading my fps count hit 1500+ fps and that caused cpu and gpu co crazy. I had tried fps capping in Radeon Settings with no success, but Vsync did the trick (following some other user advice about the 100%cpu problem).


It's quite hilarous and strange I know, I've never activated vsync in like years so it was off by default for me...but well it worked.

This doesn't solve the fact there's a serious underlying optimization problem that must be fixed ^^

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Xfx 850w gold. Everything every program I tried was normal. Blender, 3dmark, heaven.  I also tried a 1080 founders, one msi gaming x 1070 and then sli'd 2 MSI gaming x 1070's . As soon as i played anthem for about 20 minutes the system would crash. Changed power supply and no more problems .

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