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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

by KnightLion007

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Anthem shuts down computer

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A buddy of mine's PC keeps crashing after a couple minutes of launching the game. We tried a few troubleshooting steps but didn't at all. Is anyone else having this issue. If so, did you find a fix?


Thermaltake PSU 650 WATT

AMD 8350 Proccessor 4.0GHZ

16gigs RAM

radeon RX 480



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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Far likely issue is "bad" shape of PC itself. I suggest do full RAM test (proper one, not one that Windows provides). Check both temperature and RPM of the coolers, and physical check of all your coolers.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I have this exact problem. Played through the tutorial while game was preloading with no issue. Currently running memtest 86 to see if I have any memory issues.


In my case nothing gets hot or overheats it just shuts the pc down anything from 1-10 minutes into a mission. Seems to be fine in the fort. 


PC is running an i9900k and 2080 Ti with 16gb ram, so really shouldn't be having issues with this game. 

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Anyone find a fix for this? All I can think of is it's creating power supply Flux because nothing is getting hot, and my pc load is like 70%.

I7 7700k
Msi 1080ti
32gb ram
Maximus formula ix
Corsair 1000i
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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I am having the exact same issue. Every other task is fine. Run anthem and computer shuts down without any warning. Thermals are normal. Had this problem with the demo. Other EA Games ie: Battlefront 2, Battlefront V working normally.  Video rendering where cores are used  maxed doesn't shut down comp. Problem is obviously software related.


Asus crosshair vi hero

1700x @ 4.0ghz

16 GB 3200mhz G.skill

EVGA ftw3 1080TI

Corsair AIO H100


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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Same issue. The event log doesn't even pick it up. It just tells me the system shut down unexpectedly. It only happens during missions, so it makes me think it's related to the many network issues the game has.
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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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I agree.
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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Also have the same issue but mine doesn't seem time related in fact I can 100% replicate it. PC keeps crashing at a specific point in a mission and so I can't progress in the game. I've been told by EAHelp to reinstall the game and a bunch of other things but nothing is helping.

Specs: i7 7700k

GTX 1080ti

16gb Ram


Corsair Hx1000 psu

Windows 10 x64

Also ran stress tests just to be sure, pc stays stable.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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So tried running on low settings, having an older driver installed still crashing. Kinda over the game even before I got to enjoy it.

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Re: Anthem shuts down computer

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Hey @KnightLion007 


Are you able to put up a Dxdiag report? Maybe something might be highlighted there as a start?


See if we can get you and others running.



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