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Anthem freeplay server shutdown

by DesertSauvignon

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Re: Server shutdown

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its crazy now, ive been through 4 shutdowns in 30 minutes time, as of 10-15 minutess ago
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Re: Server shutdown

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Same here 7 server shutdown and i was in the middle of fights everytime
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Re: Anthem freeplay server shutdown

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Seen it too, but it just states server shut down, it didn't. Just a different DC under a fake name as they already knew it was going to occur, as we get right back in, and no Twitter or forum notice of server going down. We're just getting disconnected from the server, and they don't know why yet.. Less if not no more pilot error when going in . . . . Now just some time in, pop, game restarts. I also note CPU usage is back up, and so are temps.

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Re: Anthem freeplay server shutdown

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Everytime I play Freeplay it shuts down after maybe an hour of play. This occurs before and after the update. It's ridiculous. 

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Re: Anthem freeplay server shutdown

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(¬_¬)(*~*)(+_+)(^_^)(=_=)(~_~)What the hell!....Nobody talks like that! You got to be a plant.

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Re: Anthem freeplay server shutdown

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I got a new version of this tonight, on PC and freeplay.

In the Mandible I got: Internal error, press space followed by Unknown error, press space followed by Connection error, press space. After that the game let me continue and clear out the area.

On the other side I noticed that the Titan by the Strider was on, but just as it died, yes, server shut down, back to Tarsis. And then I got the grey screen on game shut down..

This might have happened at the same time as the Alliance system was reset.

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Re: Anthem freeplay server shutdown

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xMANSHOONx Who are you talking about...?
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Re: Anthem freeplay server shutdown

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I also play on PS4.  I am frequently being kicked to Fort Tarsis from Freeplay.  I'll begin Freeplay, play for about 5-10 minutes and then the screen goes right to a loading screen and when it finishes I'm back in Fort Tarsis with the words "The server has shut down", etc.  It is really getting frustrating now.  Several times over I have turned the PS4 off and unplugged the power then pressed the power button with power cord unplugged to clear the PS4 cache then restart everything and still get the same result.  I have reset my modem/router.  This has happened about two dozen times now so I am now deleting the game and reinstalling it.  If it happens beyond that, I will re-initialize my PS4 to see if that works.

Really though, all the bugs and glitches we players run into with the video games over the last 8 years after purchasing the latest consoles and paying for a quality gaming level internet sure seems as though these developers are slacking big time.  We pay over $60 U.S. for a game plus extra $ for a season pass (I too purchased the Legion of Dawn version), we players should be able to expect a quality of service from the dems.  They really need to get their act together and produce for the amounts of money poured into the industry from the players.  It is very disappointing to see the direction things are going quality wise.

After having no successful remedy to "server shutdown" by deleting and reinstalling the game, I chose to re-initialize my PS4.  After successfully doing so, I did experience being able to play in Freeplay for a great deal longer (around 35 minutes) before being abruptly yanked into the loading screen (with no prior warning timer) and placed into Fort Tarsis with the words "The server has shut down".  So there is the proof that it is not on the players end, but that of EA and Bioware developers.  Before the most recent update we were at least warned the server would shut down with a timer that usually started at 1 hour length and updated the countdown every 15 to 20 minutes.  Now we don't even get a countdown, just an abrupt end to our session with a loading screen and yanked back to Fort Tarsis.  So if we want to continue to Freeplay we need to go through already lengthy load in times and then only be able to play for a variable length of 5 to 35 minutes before we are rudely yanked from gameplay.

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Re: Anthem freeplay server shutdown

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Re: Anthem freeplay server shutdown

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@EA_Ataashi After
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