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Re: Anthem causing laptop charger to overheat - making game unplayable

by milsimr

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Anthem causing laptop charger to overheat - making game unplayable

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So i've been playing for about a week now, and I love the game, but I have been having some issues that have made it almost unplayable for me. I wish I was exaggerating. I can usually load the game up alright, and walking around in Fort Tarsis is usually problem free UNTIL I jump into a mission or free play. Once I do that, my laptop power supply (180w) starts overheating to the point where it starts safety flickering on and off. I know this because I can see the charge indicator disappear and reappear on my desktop. When that happens, performance drops, and then returns when the safety allows the laptop to charge again. This would be a minor nuisance if it only happened once every ten minutes, but it happens once every five seconds for the remainder of my playthrough. Even in Fort Tarsis. There is nothing I can do besides turn off Anthem. I am seriously considering cancelling premier. I think Anthem is a good game, and I would like to enjoy it, but this is a high end laptop, and Anthem is the only game that I have found myself unable to run. 


For the record, I have bought 3 separate 180 w chargers since discovering the problem, and apparently all of them work fine, the problem appears to be with Anthem.



MSI GS63VR 6RF Laptop

Intel 6th Gen Core i7-6700 HQ

Nvidia GTX 1060


16 GB DDR4



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Re: Anthem causing laptop charger to overheat - making game unplayable

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Hi I'm having the same issue that he is with his laptop. I'm running an alienware 17 r4 , i7-7700HQ  GTX 1070. Just the other day I played for 15 minutes and I got an orange screen that stop gameplay my laptop was running hot so i payed geek Squad at Best Buy to do a diagnostic $207.00 and found no problem with laptop it's the game. Love the game but not worth losing my very expensive Alienware. Would like a refund for the game and for taking it to having it checked. 

Johnny T.

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Re: Anthem causing laptop charger to overheat - making game unplayable

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Did you guys tried adapters with higher current output then the original adapter? Might help.


Btw, no wonder your laptops are getting red hot; they were never the best gaming hardware in the first place, and cooling all that hardware in such cramped space is another whole level issue.


Plus, you guys are running game + virtualized stuff thx to Denuvo, so 100% CPU usage + graphics usage = lots of heat to get rid off and lots of current consumption.

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