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Anthem Xbox One X frame rate is unacceptable!

by Asdfgdwfgfgtwr

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Anthem Xbox One X frame rate is unacceptable!

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Bioware, im not sure if your development team decided not to test your game before release or just simply didn't care but the fact that no one at bioware has noticed how bad the game performs and operates on the Xbox one X (or any console) is just down right unacceptable. I really want to give Anthem a try because the game looks intriguing to me and it looks very fun but trying to fly around at 25 frames per second isn't my and lots of other peoples way having fun in a video game. it seems every little effect will drag the frame rate down to a standstill and stuff even as simple as flying next to water will absolutely KILL the performance. This game has alpha stage performance for a FULL RELEASE $60 VIDEO GAME and it is beyond frustrating that this is the product we get. I hope this post gets recognized so maybe the team can take some time to patch out the game and give us a solid frame rate as it just looks like pure lazinesses from the development side of the game. There is ABSOLUTELY no reason this game should be dropping below 30 frames per second and if there is make the game work as it should. Give the player options to prioritize a solid frame rate over visuals. I hope you guys at Bioware recognize this post and take it into serious consideration because this is the last time im purchasing a product from this company.

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Re: Anthem Xbox One X frame rate is unacceptable!

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I have insane rubberbanding in this game and it's killed it for me (crashes and sound loss don't help either). I had no issues at all with the demo. They need to enable Dynamic Resolution at the least.

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Re: Anthem Xbox One X frame rate is unacceptable!

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They knew this back in November.  It wont run 4k the way you think it should.  They advertised otherwise.  Some places call that deceptive practice.  A crime.  Im sure you wont have to buy an EA game anymore because there wont be any games coming out.  They killed themselves with this one.  Me3 was great, 4 was sad, this is unfinished and they knew it.  sold it as is, got their money and ran.  No updates or patches in a week, the first two broke more than they fixed.  All issues they knew about months ago and refused to fix.    

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