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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

by iluminatethesky

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Anthem Stuck loading

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Anthem gets stuck loading



Game gets stuck around 70-90% once past the initial screen after selecting subtitle options etc



I have tried running windowed,borderless,fullscreen.

I have tried running my game as administrator and different compatibility settings but game still gets stuck.

I have run a repair game and verify option in the Origin Client.


This is beyond frustrating as am Origin basic customer with a pre order and its eating away at my ten hour playtime



Windows 10, i5 6500,16gb Ram,Gtx 1080

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Accepted Solution

Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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It worked!!

Not sure what exactly did it, but I set run as administrator on origin.exe, originclientservices.exe, Anthem.exe, anthemtrial.exe and did all the reset dns stuff.

Only downloaded 43% but game gets past the initial loading screen and i see the intro. Hope you get it working!!

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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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Same issue here. Not been able to find a solution. :/

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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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Yea been driving my insane been trying on and off since 4:00pm
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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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did you have same issue with the demo weekend? Or do you still have the demo installed? 


I had no load issues on demo weekend (did crash a few times though). I also installed the game while I still had the demo installed. Tried deleting the demo folder and running update and repair on the game but that didn't do anything. 

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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

Hey @fregrin @TheRealDocks


Sorry to hear about this.


Can you please try these steps?


Also, make sure your Drivers are up-to-date. 


Thanks Standard smile 


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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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I tried these things but it didn't work. Drivers are updated. Uninstalled the game and giving it a last try by installing it again. Gotta wait an hour now.

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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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I am already running as admin and I followed your steps for the ports and am still stuck loading

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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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Or and yes I forgot my drivers and windows installation are all upto date.
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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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Can you please let me know if reinstall worked, am on 30mbps fibre but took all night to download. Origin is an awful client to be honest.
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Re: Anthem Stuck loading

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Will do mate. At 36% now so I'll know shortly.

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