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Re: Anthem - Quickplay Completely Broken!!

by JJOdinson

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Re: Anthem - Quickplay Completely Broken!!

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I am experiencing broken missions on quickplay too.


A buddy of mine was able to use quickplay using normal difficulty but I am not, it seems like its contracts where missions dont update and they are kept alive by people joining - BioWare seems to be aware of the issue and is probably working on a patch for it. Did any of you register a bug already or only using the community forum?


BioWare has been good addressing things this far but if they cant get the bug registered they don't see the issue Wink


If anyone knows about the bug pls link it into here so we all can go in and give it some attention.



Hitting easy I seem to meet people still doing mainstory and those work :D

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Re: Anthem - Quickplay Completely Broken!!

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I am shocked that this problem is not fixed even after the new patch yesterday. They added strongholds to quickplay but yet it still doesn’t work. I am blocked from finishing the challenge of tarsis ugh!!!!
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Re: Anthem - Quickplay Completely Broken!!

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Even after a big patch yesterday (3/9) quickplay missions still won’t proc and begin.  All four players sitting at spawn waiting.  Even with the workaround of wiping, it’s a massive hassle to contact your squad as some block incoming messages you can’t use party chat a lot of the time due to language barriers so even the wipe is a huge issue.  Why in the holy farting monkey’s testicles has BioWare not addressed this massively broken system.  Especially when it’s mandatory for the Legionaries’ Challenge!  Absolutely frustrating!

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