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[Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

by pinct1

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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@EA_Barry Thanks for looking into this!


Just to recap, PC1 works great.  Not sure if it's a factor, but the first difference I notice is the DPI.  Nope, just looked at a few others, all 100% for both.


EDIT: Ok, until the answer gets moved to post #47 by @rrawson, here's what is fixing this for some people.


Acronis True Image "Active Protection" is causing an issue.  Disable by right-clicking the Acronis icon in the notification area of the taskbar, and selecting "Turn off Acronis Active Protection".


Based on this, if you don't have Acronis, look into other malware/ransomware protection software you may have.  Try temporarily disabling your antivirus (some of them even have a "game mode" you can enable just while you're playing).


For AMD GPU users, @Rockethowll fixed their low FPS issue by reverting to the 19.1.1 drivers.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Same problem, so just adding another data point.  Whether I set every single setting in the game on Low or the highest setting, it has no impact at all on framerate.  I'm locked between 20-21 FPS regardless of setting.  They literally do nothing.






all SSD drives

3440x1440P (would love to try different resolutions to measure impact, but since the game won't let you.....)


Interestingly I have a gaming laptop with much lower specs that runs at 60FPS all day long on Ultra.  (Granted it runs as 1920x1080, but still much better performance than my significantly higher speced desktop).


CPU generally runs between 50-70%, though there always seems to be one thread that runs a little higher (though still not maxed).

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Why was Jimbud8086's reply marked as the solution by EA? He was just uploading his dxdiags.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Lol just saw all this in my email.  This isn't solved, can that be removed?


To clarify, the PC1 diag is from one that works.  The PC2 and PC3 diags are from ones that still have the issue.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Alright, so I spent quite a bit of time going through programs one-by-one that were installed on my PC and it looks like the new version of Acronis True Image has an anti-malware scanner that runs by default. When I turned it off I started getting 98% utilization on my GPU and ~120 FPS. It seems very unlikely that every person on this thread has the same software, but turning that scanner off worked for me.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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@rrawson I have Acronis True Image as well, I will check if this is enabled as soon as I get back to my PC.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Same here. I'm using an AMD card (Rx 580 OC 8G) and the game barely even uses it. It seems the game is relying too heavily on CPU rather than GPU.
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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I have Macrium reflect. I wonder if it could be causing similar issues with mine.
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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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WOW omg i tried so many things...
Acronis Real Time protection was the culprint!

thank you
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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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First to rrawson - THANK YOU!  I never would have considered checking this.  I'm also running Acronis True Image and sure enough - when I turned off scanning my FPS jumped from 20 to pegged at 60 (now limited by vsync, not horsepower).


Seeming too odd to be true, I experimented with changing the settings and now the setting of low, medium, etc. did influence FPS slightly (before it had no effect).  I tried multiple times with Acronis scanning on and off and with 100% certainty scanning on limited FPS to 20, scanning off produced 60+ FPS.


What's odd is Acronis never showed up as a CPU or disk hog in measurements I could take, but clearly this is the source of the problem.


I had a bunch of stuttering issues with the Resident Evil 2 remake as well.  Although I finished the game, I'm tempted to go back and see if this was the cause there as well.


Thanks again - never would have even thought to look there!!!!


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