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[Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

by pinct1

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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@Snigelfjong wrote:

Yesterday I upgraded to a RTX 2060 and was hoping for an improvement and to reach a constant 60 fps no matter the situation on the screen. To my surprise, it actually runs worse than my GTX 970. With that said, I do understand that my CPU is a bottleneck in this system, but this is hilarious, and especially as the RTX 2060 is shipped with the Anthem game. Even weirder, the CPU is now being pushed way higher than before and normally ends up in the 80-100% area. GPU utilization is mostly in the 30-50% area in my case with the RTX 2060.

Something is broken here, and I still have the same issue after the patch. I do have the exact same issue no matter the resolution or settings and it's pretty much unplayable. The only solution I see right now is to put back my old GTX 970 again..


What you see is reasonable if you are CPU capped. I hope that this workaround will help. I tested it with 418.81, 418.91, 419.17 and 417.71. Tested it at least a dozen times.


So here are my observations and opinion. The game makes CPU to compute something?? that is bound to FPS. The higher the FPS the more it needs to compute. And if the GPU can afford high FPS, then the CPU will be capped and will * the performance. Because obviously CPU needs to occasionally attend to other things the FPS will fluctuate in some cases significantly. Also, it seems that the keyboard and mouse inputs are not prioritized properly. Therefore, you can experience input lag as if your character was living its own life. I.e. the game will go on without reading from mouse or keyboard.


So the workaround idea is to bound the FPS, so that at least some portion of CPU is reserved for important tasks and spikes in demand. Even though it lowers the FPS, it makes it up in much smoother performance and almost no input lag. You will also see that GPU usage drops as well obviously.


Important note about that "fix". For some unknown to me reason the game does not immediately picks it up. Hence, in my early testing I had to reboot multiple times and do other strange things. This is not in the workaround description, but I think you don't even need to change NVIDIA control panel settings at all. You might still need to re-start the game. Last time I experimented with just letting it sink. And it did in 20 minutes of stuttering and lag.

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Re: Low FPS High-End Specs

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@Artifex28 wrote:

Try full screen and disable VSYNC. Won’t fix Tarsis likely but rest might be playable.

On the contrary. If the CPU is a bottleneck, it will make it worse. This game bounds CPU computing to FPS for whatever reason. Whatever makes FPS go high, makes CPU suffer more. Hence, unbinding FPS will make the game fluctuate a lot and stutter, and often ignore the input. In the case of capped CPU, I would advise to lower the FPS if we had than option. Since we do not have that option, borderless and V-SYNC on combination should help. But it is tricky too. It seems it requires time (just let it sink, I've done a dozen of clean installations and reinstallations of drivers, going to even record a video) and a couple of restrarts to kick in. Check this.

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Re: Low FPS High-End Specs

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Hey guys,


I had the same issues with Assassin's Creed Origins. RTX 2060. Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB G.Skill Aegis 3000Mhz


I had 50-70% GPU Usage and 40 FPS.


For me the solution was:


1. go to the desktop

2. right click ---> NVIDIA Control Panel

3. Manage 3d-Settings ---> RESTORE


That was all. I hope it helps someone as well as it took me 2h to find out.



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Re: Low FPS High-End Specs

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@yesaulTube Your solution is to a different problem, in that thread people are experiencing stuttering and sudden fps drops while also being 100% CPU utilization. Here, we're talking about low GPU utilization while not even having high CPU utilization, and consistently low FPS rather than stuttering.


I tried your solution for them anyway, no effect on my system. I'm still in the low 40s fps when in open areas and Fort Tarsis main square, as seen in my statistics here:




I've checked in this thread, my ears perked up when Acronis was mentioned because I am in fact running True Image (not at the moment, of course), but my version was before they added the real time malware protection. So I don't have that or any other real time scanner running. I ended all Acronis processes just to be safe, though in my case they're simply things like the TIB Mounter Monitor and etc. No change.


I've checked other games to compare stats and everything else runs fine, even Battlefield V which I downloaded just to check. I can run those at 1440p Ultra Settings and get 100+ fps with full GPU utilization. Anthem is the only game that refuses to actually run my GPU. Lowering settings and resolution doesn't help, suggesting that it is still an issue of being CPU-bound.



1080 Ti



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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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@EA_Barry could you unmark this thread as solved as there are tons of people who the stated fix doesn't apply to? I personally have no Acronis real time scanning or any other malware scanner running and still have extremely low FPS along with low GPU usage. 

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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@LennyBusker wrote:

@EA_Barry could you unmark this thread as solved as there are tons of people who the stated fix doesn't apply to? I personally have no Acronis real time scanning or any other malware scanner running and still have extremely low FPS along with low GPU usage. 

Since this solved the OP's issue, I think it should stay solved.  I think everyone experiencing low FPS with low GPU issues should start a new thread... and then info specific to your issue can be collected and help solve the problem more quickly.  Adding on to this thread makes it difficult to track who had what config/apps running and whether disabling Acronis/anti-virus solved their issue.


I hope it gets figured out for you soon!

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Re: Low FPS High-End Specs

[ Edited ]
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Yup! I'm getting the same problem with Anthem NOT using my GPU to it's fullest! I've seen the usage go as low as only 50% on the GPU using my rtx 2070 max-q. Mean while the CPU is being used at 75-95%. This game is sooooo poorly optimized it's not even funny. Makes me not want to even play it till they work this all out. Come on EA...




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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Please can the we get a response from the Devs.


Please any response on this issue.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Setting OpenGL rendering GPU to the graphic card (GTX 1070) in nvidia control panel worked for me with driver version 416.34

all other settings reseted to defaults in nvidia and anthem.


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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I was using a GTX 980 and, on medium, getting a solid 50 fps (capped it on RTSS). Just got an RTX 2060 and the game just took a dump all over me. My GPU usage was 85-90% with the 980 and goes from 35% to 85% with the 2060. I have noticed that, if I stand facing the back of my Javelin, my GPU usage is around 85%, as I slowly do a 360, my GPU drops steadily until I am facing those big double doors in Tarsis and my GPU has dropped to 50%. Mind you I am not moving, just turning. As I rotate back to my starting position, my GPU creeps back up to 85%.


Seems the more there is going on, the less my GPU works. Isn't that a bit backward?


Tried the OpenGL thing, threading thing, just about everything in this thread. I also changed the priority of Anthem to High in the task manager.


Thing is - with the 980 no problems, 90% usage running smooth. Swap in a 2060, the game doesn't want to work the GPU anymore, 50% in combat regardless of settings.


Other games - awesome performance. I'm at a loss.

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