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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

by Artifex28

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I found out something weird.


With 4k, my GPU is power limited occasionally with 70% GPU usage in Fort Tarsis.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Yeah, what's happening in Tarsis is definitely the biggest source of whatever's happening.


The market area of the Fort gives me both the lowest fps, and the lowest amount of resource usage. Something in the realm of 30% CPU, 40% GPU and ~40-50fps at times.

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Re: Framerate drops when playing in groups, CPU/GPU low usage

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So I've done more testing and vsync is broke with this game .


If I turn off vsync I get 97% GPU usage and 70-100 fps. Never drops below 60 . So why can't I get a locked 60 with vsync on?! Turning off in-game vsync and using Nvidia control panel had same effect drops to 50 and 40s with only 60 some % GPU usage. What is going on??? So much testing with vsync off. I can use fast sync bit it's so stuttery it's unplayable. With someone acknowledge this issue? 

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I'm having a similar problem. 

Ryzen 3 2200g
16g ram

I played just fine between high and ultra settings hitting between 60-70 fps. I believe I was running 18.12.1 amd drivers during the closed beta, demo, and Friday. I then updated to 19.1.1 and I get no more than 30 fps and stuttering despite the quality settings. I've done clean installs of various versions including 18.12.1 with no difference. 

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I informed a Bioware dev. with details and screenshots about the issue + link to this forum post as well.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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After reading about the DRM (Denuvo) used in Anthem, I bet it's what caused Acronis Active Protection and other similar apps to have issues with the game.  Perhaps time will tell.


Full Disclosure: I hate DRM and have a strong prejudice against it.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I would love to find out if this is Denuvo  caused.

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Low FPS High-End Specs

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My specs are


Intel i7-9700k 8 core running at 4.6GHz

4095MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 (EVGA)


MSI Z390-A PRO mobo

650W PSU


i'm on a fresh windows install.

no problem with temperature of CPU

playing on ultra 1920x1080

GPU fluctuates between 40-60% usage

CPU fluctuates between 30-80% usage 


So i've been playing this game for a couple of hours now and i find the performance lackluster to say the least, I've talked to a friend with a pc that's worse then mine who gets on average 20 fps more then me.

In tarsus i'm fluctuating between 26-45fps and if i'm in a non crowded area it goes up to 60fps, when im doing free roam activities im hovering around 40fps with drops to 26fps and spikes upto 60.

In normal 4 man missions im only getting about 30 fps with frequent drops going below that.


i would've hoped that i could atleast get a stable 60 with these specs on 1080p but i guess not ?

If u have any insight in what the problem might be please help. 30fps is *

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Re: Low FPS High-End Specs

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Try disable your Antivirus or quick scan in real time in this antivirus, it helped for some people.
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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Im having the same problem and I don't have any antivirus or Acronis Image Protection.


I'm playing in a GE 75 Raider laptop with RTX 2080 and I have alwayslike 37-50 fps, regardless I play on low or ultra, and always a gpu usage about 30-40% max

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