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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

by pinct1

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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FIXED , atl least in my case.

I had acronis active protection on when gpu usage was about 60%, when turned off, its full utilized )

******** weird!

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Just chiming back in to say I've moved from an i7-4770k @ 4.1GHz and DDR3 RAM to an i5-9600k @ 4.6GHz and DDR4 RAM.


When paired with an RTX2070, neither CPU has any sort of lead over the other. CPU usage seems better on the 9600k, but the GPU is still being choked at ~40-50% for most of the time.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I heard something ridiculous that had fixed FREEZING for certain players. I need to test this out too.

They said that editing any KEY BINDINGS could screw up the game.

I'm going to try to default and see if that actually could have any impact.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I noticed the same exact issue. I started using keyboard and mouse and I have experienced no fps drops since then. I found the bug super weird because I was checking the gpu during the drops and the game did stop using the gpu altogether during those times.
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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay, couldn't post yesterday. It seems that for me at least it might have been Acronis. I completely uninstalled the program, as I never really used it, I mostly use Malwarebytes anyways.This seems to have resolved the problem for the most part. I now get 50-60 FPS all the time, and the GPU usage has spiked up to around 75% usage all the time, which is definitely a marked improvement. However, I know others still have problems with the game without Acronis, so the issue might be linked with some interfering background processes. Maybe others with the problem try turning off some startup programs and just launching anthem without most other programs running, and seeing if there is still an FPS drop. If the problem is fixed, I would try launching programs one by one to find it. I'm going to let others take the lead though as I don't have the issue anymore.

BTW, I didn't accept that post as a solution, so if someone at EA can unpin that one and pin the one suggesting to disable Acronis that would be great. Good luck guys!
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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I should also note that on my switch from a 4770k to a 9600k, I reinstalled Windows 10 totally fresh. The ONLY things I installed before re-testing Anthem were my graphics drivers and the game itself.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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I have attempted in killing every single process that I could, but really don't think it's caused by any of these.

There's a possibility it's some service after all, but it's very likely Microsoft service at that point as I tried disabling everything else and didn't notice a difference.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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On the "freeze" side people are mentioning that they've managed to get rid of those by playing with DEFAULT keys.

I wonder if there's a link to the GPU usage too. :D

...and next question would be: your keyboard layout. I think I better try English instead of Finnish.

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Framerate drops when playing in groups, CPU/GPU low usage

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So this game performance has been bugging me, I have a 2700x, 2080ti, 16gb 3200cl14, installed on SSDRunning at 4k with 90% resolution scaling, Everything on ulta, lighting and post processing on high, Motion blur off, Vsync on.Have a locked 60 most of the time, but when in freeplay or group quests I will get random slowdown into 50s and sometimes 40s, Thing is CPU and GPU usage are not bottlenecking, I will be sub 80% GPU and sub 40% CPU, it is utilizing 14 of my 16 threads, so its not an issue there where its capping out threads, highest will be 80%

Changing res/graphics same issue, even on low i get these

I figured it was netcode related, So i did a test and did a mission in private mode, and yup no slowdown at all. This is ridiculous that an Online only game that they push group play so strongly has issues like this.

I hope they fix this.

Also i have 300/80mb internet so not an issue there





**SUMMARY:** Slowdown without having CPU or GPU at high percentage, changing res or dropping GFX settings does not resolve issue

**BUG/ISSUE:** I will get drops to 50/40 fps when playing in groups.

**REPRODUCTION:** play with group, get in firefight or just fly around.

**TECHNICAL INFORMATION:** Win 10 pro, Ryzen 2700x 4.2 OC, 16GB DDR 3200mhz CL14, Samsung EVO 860 SSD, 2080ti +160 core, +850 memory, 4k everything on ultra, except motion blur off, lighting and post processing at high , 90% render scale in INI file

**ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:** playing in private mode, this issue doesn't happen.

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Re: [Anthem] PC low FPS and GPU usage

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Ryzen 7 2700X

RTX 2060

16GB 3200 Mhz


Max 40 fps @ medium 1080p...there's something wrong...also streaming this game is impossible with any settings (seems like cpu bottleneck problems or something like that)...

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