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Re: Anthem PC Bugs After Patch 1.1.0

by jerichosainte

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Anthem PC Bugs After Patch 1.1.0

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1. Armor and Shield stat numbers have changed. 

2. The Sunken first location : When deactivating the machine the progress will not show. However this is a visual bug only.

3. Server shutdown automatically without notification. This is during a mission, not freeplay.





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Re: Anthem PC Bugs After Patch 1.1.0

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I had several problems since before and after patch. Now most of those seem to be a thing of the past since today.

But in Freeplay i encountered now several "Server Shutdown" Messages after beeing loaded into Tarsis without notice before that Server will be shut down.

Theres seriuosly a problem if u want to find scar infestation and only find that the scars have allready manipulated the Anthem Freeplay Servers.

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Re: Anthem PC Bugs After Patch 1.1.0

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I accidentally completed the scare live event..they were in the east side of the map, also the same stat changes are applied to the weapons too, not only armor and shield. 

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Re: Anthem PC Bugs After Patch 1.1.0



The Weapon/Gear Stats is a known issue:


Like it says there, it is a visual bug, but still works as intended before.




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Re: Anthem PC Bugs After Patch 1.1.0

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Yeah I noticed the shield and armour reinforcement values on masterwork components is borked last night. Masterwork items are showing a much lower value than rare items in the forge, but in game the MW item provides more armour blocks than that rare item. Guess we are back to alpha bugs! But at least the game has stopped crashing on me constantly.

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