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Anthem: Match Making Issues

by NorthernStorm

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Anthem: Match Making Issues

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I've been playing Anthem on the PC for a while, and I also have it on the Xbox. I never get matched up with anyone when I start missions. I've done almost the entire game by myself yet if I choose quickplay, I end up with full groups doing missions that I ended up doing alone. I've checked my Privacy Settings, and also changed them multiple times to get it going. Is this a bug or are there just not many people playing on PC? Xbox my group is always full from the start, it's weird.

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Re: Anthem: Match Making Issues

Hey @NorthernStorm


I think there could still be some issues surrounding Quickplay.


What kind of activities are you looking to do?


If you're doing Contracts, for example, have you picked them up and Matchmaked from the Expedition Screen?


If I do Contracts or Strongholds, I usually don't have any problem finding groups on PC.


However, I don't necessarily use Quickplay, due to previous issues it's had.


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