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Re: Another false advertisement post

by GladOS-013

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Another false advertisement post

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Darth Revan was released with the clear intention to serve as the new meta-defining character. I paid more than $100 (close to $120) to unlock this new hero (or villain). Darth Revan requires a new kind of gear to upgrade and, consequently, to make him usable in the game. Now I have two options to get this gear:
1. I farm (grind) the gear and wait for weeks to be able to fully use the character.
2. I pay even more to buy the required gear.

None of these options work for me. If I had wanted to wait for weeks, I wouldn't have bought the packs for the character in the first place. I also don't want to pay more, since paying more than $100 for ONE character in a MOBILE game (or any other game for that matter) is outrageous in itself. (Nonetheless I wanted to get this character, so I didn't care about this at that time.)


When CG announced this new character they didn't mention this paywalled qear requirement (you can have a look at the character reveal post here:, and after paying a lot of money I now feel that I am cheated, so I would like to get a refund. I don't even want the whole money back, just the amount I spent on the two packs, namely: Heroes of Legend Bundle 4 and Heroes of Legend Bundle 5. I know this is a long shot, but I if had known in advance that I won't be able to fully utilize the character after paying A LOT OF money, I would have never bought the packs in the first place.


Not to mention the outrageous prices, but I'm not annoyed by them anymore. But to mention the fact that despite these ridiculous prices I regularly support the work of the developers, so I'm far from being a free-to-play player. I really hope that we can find a remedy so I will be able to continue showing my support even after 3.5 years of playing with this great game.



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Re: Another false advertisement post

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Its a life lesson

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Re: Another false advertisement post

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Yup, lesson learned. I won't even believe their or - for that matter - any EA-related companies' questions in the future, and all of them can forget my money. Based on recent controversies, from Middle-Earth: Shadow of War and Destiny 2 to Battlefront II and Anthem, EA seems to be much more successful in alienating players than understanding players.

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Re: Another false advertisement post

Would it have been better if Darth Revan had required 1400 Carbanti instead of 200 new gear salvage?

Anytime players speculate, there's the possibility of being wrong. I had a guildmate who spent $1-200 on crystals to farm the Darth Revan prerequisite shards. She started doing that before he was announced. If he hadn't been released, she wouldn't be able to claim false advertising and ask for a refund because they didn't release the character she expected them to release. Me and several of my guildmates spent tens of thousands of crystals farming the prerequisites super quickly, because I expected Darth Revan to be released earlier. Am I "owed" a refund? No, I spent the crystals knowing that I was doing so speculatively.

Similarly, you expected a character with "easy" gear requirements, and you spent money in advance of actual gear knowledge. Would you have bought the packs if you'd known about the new gear earlier? Would you be okay waiting 3-4 months for round 2 of Darth Revan, when you're not okay with waiting 1-2 weeks farming the gear (shorter if you have the crystals to buy the gear in shipments)?

In general, I don't like many of the recent changes EA has made to their pricing models. In the future, you might wait until the last minute to buy those packs. You didn't need those characters at 7* until the Darth Revan event started, so you could have waited until the day of (and then you would have known about the new gear, and could have made an informed decision).
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Re: Another false advertisement post

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Yes, they obviously forgot to mention the new gear when they released the kit, and had to wait until the last moment. I still don't believe that they acted in good faith regardless of me being speculative or not.

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Re: Another false advertisement post

I'd expect to see the new gear in most or all of the new characters coming out. It's another limiter they can put in that also prevents people from farming other things, so it slows players down.

Like adding G13, or raising the level cap, at some point more requirements will be put in, and we will all start chasing the new stuff. I actually thought putting the new gear in shipments was fairly kind. I expected them to be "cash-only" packs. As it is, I was able to just spend an extra 5k crystals to get the gear on Day 1, without having to spend real money.
I am a volunteer on this forum, and not an employee of EA or CG. Please let me know how I can help you!
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