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An error has occurred while trying to redirect your request...

by necrololicon111

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Re: Redirection Strategy Error

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Feel free to write your question in Russian forum. Так вам будет легче объяснить всё.

Fasten your seatbelts, drive responsible and follow AHQ rules.

Если вы проживаете в Крыму, ознакомьтесь со специальной темой.

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Re: Redirection Strategy Error

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@Vanya-pathfinder Писать текст в русской форме мне ничем не поможет если связь с поддержкой работает только через голос и по английски. Писать то я могу нормально, а вот разговаривать - не особо


[Hero edit: adding English text for English speaking users]


Writing text in Russian form will not help me if the connection with support works only through voice and in English. I can write normally, but cant really talk in English (via Google translate).

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Re: Redirection Strategy Error

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@Scintille I can see your screenshot where it shows no payment methods. Did you confirm the same on the EA side as well?

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Re: Redirection Strategy Error

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@EA_Kipling Well, i dont really understand what you mean by - EA side. Origin shop has my card info


Yup, i double checked it - attached screenshot

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Re: Redirection Strategy Error



If the error you are getting is a redirection strategy error then the idea is to delete the payment details in swtor then in the EA/Origin account also delete the payment details.

Then go back to swtor and add the payment details, then see if the issue is gone


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Re: Redirection Strategy Error

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@proxos666 @EA_Kipling


WOW! Deleting payment info in origin/ea actually worked! At least it looks like it. Thanks a lot for your suggestion! 

Would be cool if someone would mark this question as answered or whatever, so its easier for others to find this solution

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