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Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

by PWA-Miyo

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Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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So its quite clear that a lot of people are having issues with their graphics being blurry, as I'm sure most of you are aware of by now is that this is an easy fix by simply adjusting "Adaptive Resolution FPS Target" down to zero, with or without TSAA on. This will make sure your game is super crisp and looking great. 


I found this "fix" for the blurry issue by simply playing around with the settings, but this is not my problem.


The thing is - I cant adjust Adaptive Resolution FPS Target down to 0.... as my fps drops to like 20 (and it feels like 1 fps) and i can hardly move due to fps lag. 


I have tried adjusting it to 10/100 - 20/100 - 30/100 and so on.. but I need to have it on atleast 50-60/100 for my game to be smooth and playable which = extremely blurry.


I literally cant see stuff in the distance and even up close (my gun, the characters etc) are insanely blurry. 


Is my PC really that bad? I know it is "bad" and severely out-of-date... but really?


I can play Battlefield 5 completely fine with 60 fps (everything on low).

Destiny 2 with like 90 fps (everything on low-medium)

PUBG with 60+ fps with everything on medium...


So whats the issue here?


PC in simple terms:

i7 980 3.33

GTX 680 2GB OC

12GB vengeance 1600

EVO 540 SSD...

Windows 8.1


Is there really no way without adjusting Adaptive Resolution FPS Target to get rid of the blurriness? Considering I can play all these other games fine...


Need help from tech-savy individuals... thank you.


TL:DR - Adjusting Adaptive Resolution FPS Target down to 0 is not an option for me as my fps drops too much, how can i then without doing this get rid of the blurry graphics?





EDIT: Drivers are all up-to-date

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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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Second bump Frown 

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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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I have exactly the same problem, My pc is a little better with a gtx 770 and I don't las as much when I set to 0 but I can still feel my game is not smooth as when I set it to 60 or above. 

Pls fix this, it's annoying.

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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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TL:RD - There is probably no way to fix it for your setup





Adaptive Resolution FPS Target is supposed to make your graphics look 'blurry' because it lowers your resolution if your frames drop below your set target.

Setting your target to 0 disables the function. That means you will continue with your set resolution, but get framedrops if your pc cant handle it.

It looks to me like your pc is too bad to get a good enough framerate with your set resolution, which means your resolution will constantly be lower than your set resolution because your pc cant achieve your Adaptive Resolution FPS Target without lowering the resolution.


I play with all settings on low and my frames drop to ~60-70fps in fights even with my setup, while my GPU is at 99% load.

Intel Core i7-4790 (3.9GHz)

GTX 1060 6GB

16gb 1600


Windows 10


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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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I have noticed in some cases, when games run at framerates above what your monitor can display, It could actually appear to be running at a low framerate. That's when i use nvidia inspector to limit the fps to or slightly below what my monitor's refresh is to get nice smooth gameplay. Hope this helps.

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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

Community Manager

Hey all, if having issues can you please go through the steps in this help thread:


Capping the frame rate seems to be helping improve the game for a lot of users who were seeing issues.


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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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I would look into some upgrades. I have never experienced any problems with these settings.
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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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What resolution, and quality settings are you running the game at?

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Re: Adaptive Resolution FPS Target

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I think the issue is both your cpu and gpu are weak. I have a friend with a 680 but he has a i5 4570 cpu so when he uses adaptive frame target control the game doesn't get stuck blurry all the time. If you turn the setting on when you are cpu limited, the framerate won't improve as its lowering the resolution, so it will do it all the way and get stuck there looking horrible and actually not helping you any other than reducing gpu load when you are cpu bound anyway. You need to find a better balance of settings perhaps look up lowspecgamer for some agressive frame rate saving tips. Make sure all graphic settings that are cpu related (if not all settings anyway) are on the lowest, then perform driver side or config tweaks to push further
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