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Achievement Explorer of the Galaxy

by JokercraftyT

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Achievement Explorer of the Galaxy

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Hello There !


I'm a preferred player, and I just did the "Explorer of the Galaxy" Achievement ... is what I would like to say. But the "Explorer of Korriban" isn't green like the others, as if I didn't do it. But in the "Korriban" panel, everything is ok, the "Explorer of Korriban" achievement is unlocked. So it's a bug right ?


I can't send a help request In-Game, because i'm not subscribe. So what do I do ? 'Cause it seems for me like I did everything for peanuts Confused

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Re: Achievement Explorer of the Galaxy

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There's generally no way to fix this without Customer Service. They can be contacted by email or phone, but I'm not sure how successful it would be.

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