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Account wrongfully banned

by BoxLogoBrigade

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Account wrongfully banned

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I was banned from Apex , the only EA title I dare to spend money towards now a days and they are saying I cheat when I actively try to point out impossible movement, toxic individuals as well as people who are bad for their game . Good on you EA . Really grabbing my business back after all you pull off . I can't even begin to start with my frustrations even getting to level 125 and playing since the release and now not being able to access hundreds of spent cosmetic upgrades that are only good for the service I have been stripped of for no apparent reason other than to begrief me .


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Re: Account wrongfully banned

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Hi @BoxLogoBrigade


I'm afraid the forum staff aren't equipped to help with banned cases. It would be best to get in touch with the Terms of Service team by filling out the webform. Please check out this EA Help guide for guidance on how to do that: How to get more information about my ban or suspension


- EA_Lanna


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Re: Account wrongfully banned

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if your account got reported more than 10 time you will get auto banned and its permanent,

how fair is that ?


i never see a multiplayer game with a such things ever ever

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