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Account hacked and 1.2 million coins stolen

by notfloot

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Account hacked and 1.2 million coins stolen

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Just been hacked and had my coins and everything tradeable in my club wiped or transfered. According to live chat none of the players that were sold had ever existed and I'd never had those coins in the first place. Where did they go then? Finished with the game completely.

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Re: Account hacked and 1.2 million coins stolen

Community Manager



We are unable to assist directly with this here on AHQ, any remedy to your issue will be carried out by a Advisor.


Please see the following link for info on how to secure your account:


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Re: Account hacked and 1.2 million coins stolen

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I'm desperate. contacted Ea help and they can't see the disappearance of my 3,920,000 coins and players who are gone. There must always be something to be found. They checked my account completely and didn't notice anything suspicious. As if I never had the players and coins. But I do have pictures of it.
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Stolen Content Help

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23 days ago, my account was hacked and I had 700k and a FUT Birthday Inaki Williams stolen, around 1.1 million coins worth at the time, and everything else in my club. I was told on the day that it would take 72 hours to get the content back. I'm now sitting here 552 hours later with no coins, players or anything in my club. Unable to play the game. I was told that it would need investigated AS THE AMOUNT WAS TOO GREAT TO GRANT ON THE ADVISORS SIDE. I've been told since then, that this wasn't said and that I lied about it by other advisors. Apparently they can't grant coins. I digress. I need my coins back ASAP. 23 days for an investigation that was pretty much finished before it was escalated is beyond stupid.

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Re: Stolen Content Help

Community Manager
Hi @notfloot,

I've merged your post here. Please don't create multiple threads on the same topic, especially after being told that we can't assist with this over the forums.
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