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Re: Account Login Issues

by ExiledRival

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Account Login Issues

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I have not played SWTOR in a number of years so I do not have my physical security key generator. I know my SWTOR display name and password but I cannot get past that page to log into my account because of not having a security code. I can log into my EA/Origin account just fine. I have my physical box still with my product key to prove I own the account.


Part of the problem may be that my SWTOR account is associated with an old Hotmail account that does not exist anymore. I use Gmail for everything, which my EA/Origin account is setup with my Gmail account. I emailed support a while ago but have not heard anything, not even a bounce back confirming they received my email. Anyone else have a suggestion or success in resolving this type of issue?

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Re: Account Login Issues


Hey there! I'm afraid that if it does not let you remove your Security Key per this guide you'll have to wait for a response from support, which is currently averaging 10 days per this post. I hope your issue gets resolved soon!


I am a forum volunteer; I do not work for EA.
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