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Account Invalid

by iHyBRiDx

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Account Invalid

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i deactivated it uninstalled it restarted my connection and xbox and all im trying to figure out how i can back to gaming this is a horrible problem please someone help


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Invalid account

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When I click to start the game it said invalid account and the go to So when I got to the website it says my account in ineligible.

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Invalid Account?

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I've been playing apex for a long time now and only recently (since the bloodhound event) has it said "This account is invalid. Please visit for more information.


I use an xbox and it isn't on child settings or anything. I don't know what I've done or how to fix it.


Is there anything else i can do to fix this?

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Re: its not signing into my ea account

Community Manager

Hi @iHyBRiDx


What are you seeing when you're trying to play Apex Legends? Is it giving you a particular error message at all? 




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This account is invalid issue

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I recently reinstalled apex legend on Xbox One however when i try to play a message saying "this account is invalid" pops up. i was playing with no issues just a couple weeks ago.

Gamer tag is ALPaterson 

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Re: its not signing into my ea account

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it is Saying-This Account Is Invalid.Please Visit for more information Please help me sign back in its been two long days without gaming

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Invalid EA Account

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Yesterday i was able to login and play apex with no problems. However last night I tried to play and I got an error that said invalid EA account when I tried to login. I have not changed any details about my EA account in between those two times. I still do not have access. Why would it just suddenly say my account is invalid? 

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It says "Account is invalid"....

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Don't know if I've been hacked or what...

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Cant log in. Keep saying my account is invalid. Please help!

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Tried logging on this morning and it every time it comes up saying my account is invalid. I’ve played this game for over a year and never had this issue. 

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Cant login to apex

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im having problems loggin into the game. It says my account isnt invalid?

played yesterday with no problems.. and tpday i cannot login.

what to do?


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