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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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Hi, I am adding to this list of players who were falsely banned.


I have an AMD 7900XT and was on Adrenalin Edition 23.9.3 when I was banned. I thought it might have been the RGB software I downloaded because I upgraded my RAM the night before i was banned. But this thread has a lot of current gen AMD cards...

I also filed a dispute with EA twice and was Declined and told: "We will also be unable to provide any details regarding our internal procedures."


Not very helpful... I have been trying to get the people that post on reddit to post their hardware and software info to see if we can narrow down this issue. Unfortunately the Apex subreddit removes such posts as it is against their rules. If we can start collecting information in this thread, we may be able to better identify where the problem occurred.



Amd 5800x3d

Asus x370 gaming mobo

32gb ddr4 3600 g.skill

Amd Xfx 7900xt


Windows 11 Pro build 22621.2428

Adrenalin Edition 23.9.3

Glorious Core 1.1.34

Logitech G HUB 2023.8.459147

Corsair LINK

Steam Version: 1696019606

MSI Afterburner v4.6.5.16370

G.Skill Trident Z Lighting Control v1.00.35

Firefox 118.0.2

Teamspeak 3 3.6.2


Also, what settings do you have enabled in the Adrenalin Edition Software? I have Anti-Lag and Anti-lag+ enabled but did have other settings originally enabled when the Hyper-RX option came out.

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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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@DeathFox21 Once I get home in 1 hour or less I’ll post my specs
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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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Just to add insult to injury, my friend appealed stating he literally just got a brand new machine along with the same card you all are speaking of.


Their response, “We have confirmed your account was rightfully banned but do not disclose the reason.”


what a joke.


Someone at EA literally getting paid to do nothing and send canned responses.


Banned the same day he installed that card. What a joke. 

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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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AMD Ryzen 7 7700X

AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX

MSI B650 Carbon (AM5)

32GB 5600mhz DDR5 Kingston FURY


Adrenaline Ed. 23.10.1 (I cant remember if I updated before or after I was banned)

SignalRGB 2.3.19

G HUB 2023.8.459147

NZXT CAM Kraken Elite 2.0.9


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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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I understand it is frustrating, I am frustrated too. If you could get your friend to post here his specs like I have, we might be able to start getting usable information that can be provided to resolve the bans.




Does your Adrenaline have any Apex specific settings enabled? Either from your home page or gaming tab, you should be able to select Apex and see what graphics features are enabled (Super Resolution, Anti-lag, etc.)

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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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@DeathFox21 Yeah anti lag and anti lag + is the only things
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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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Want to add my account to the pile of AMD users that have been falsely banned. i have tried to dispute the ban but was denied.



Amd 7700x

Asus prime b650-plus mother board 

32gb ddr5 kingston fury ram

Amd 7900xtx


Windows 11

Adrenalin Edition 23.9.3 - with anti lag + enabled (Have now upgraded to 23.10.1)

Glorious Core



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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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A developing trend looks to be RX 7000 series with Anti Lag+ enabled and maybe limited to Windows 11


Has anyone having the issue been banned while running Windows 10?
edit: one person has reported the issue on Win10 in this thread now

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Re: Account Falsely Banned

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Just got my 3rd dispute rejected in less than 6hrs.


Truly amazing support from the automate system.


Well, time to cancel my subscription and never buy an EA product ever again.


As more people come out with more false bans. I'll be sure to recommend then to cancel subscriptions and never buy a game with Easy Anti-Cheat.


Just lost a life long gamer EA..

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Betreff: Account Falsely Banned

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i got banned yesterday for cheating but never cheated ???

my hardware:

CPU: 7800x3d

GPU ASROCK Phantome Gaming 7900XTX

RAM: 32gb G Skill Flare DDR5-6000 dual kit

MAINBOARD: MSI B650+ Gaming Wifi


i just used Anti lag+ 

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