Re: Account Disassociation and HUGE problems.

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Account Disassociation and HUGE problems.

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Hi EA,


This post is not actually for me but my guild mate is going through such hell I’m trying to help, thinking maybe perhaps the issue is being miscommunicated. 

He woke up 4 days ago, logged in, and his account was not his account. He’s played years and he logged in to find some level 47 account. Who knows, perhaps some guest account someone created at some time. Not the important part. 

The important part is his actual account seemed to revert to one of the base-names (Drew Rosario) and it’s still sitting in our guild, untouched and non-active since this happened. He has been working with the in-game support for 4 days. They are now telling him the account was deleted at his request. 1) he did not request this. 2) more importantly, the account is not deleted. We see it sitting there inactive in our guild just as it always has been, except now under the Drew Rosario name. 

He has tried everything with support to get his account back, from changing google play passwords, to providing his player ID and ally codes. Nothing seems to be working with support at all. But, again, we are looking at his account. It’s still there with no access. 

What we’re asking: at this point what my buddy needs is one person with enough access to see what’s actually going on here and a few minutes to help him out. I am sure he has the proof required to prove his ownership of the account, and I’m sure someone at EA/CG can see enough background info to figure this out with him. 

Our guild, and certainly my buddy, appreciates any help in advance. I know this has been a very distressing issue for him and we all just want to help him get it fixed. 


@EA_UltraSlide we don’t know but heard you might be someone that can help with this. Happy for anyone’s help. 



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Re: Account Disassociation and HUGE problems.

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I am the guild mate talked about in this post. Any help would be appreciated 

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Re: Account Disassociation and HUGE problems.

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I'm going through this right now. Did you ever get the issues solved?

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