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Accidently Scrapped LoD Weapon

by MasterRuoric

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Accidently Scrapped LoD Weapon

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So a while ago, while I was mass salvaging items I somehow accidentally scrapped my Light of the Legion gun. I wasn't too upset about it at the time cause I wasn't using it anymore.

Fast forward to now, and I'm going back through the game again from the beginning as a new female pilot this time around. I wanted to equip LotL to make things easier for myself, but even on this new pilot there it's not showing up.

Is the gun forever lost to me now?

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Re: Accidently Scrapped LoD Weapon

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@MasterRuoricHmm, the LoD items should always be available on a new pilot. Have you tried going into the launch bay then leaving? There previously was a bug that would make LotL not appear to be available when not in the launch bay, but it would be forced to respawn into your inventory when you left. Still I would have expected it to automatically be available for a second pilot.

Also try going to Prospero's store, walk to it in game, and select the rewards tab and the Legion of Dawn pack. See if it’s checked off.



Edit: Did some testing.


OK, I checked this on my second pilot. Previously, being IN the launch bay would despawn the LotL, even if it was accessible outside of it. So they made the LotL respawn every time you left. I remember this, since it would always end up marked as 'new' in my inventory... requiring my slightly ocd self to click on it every time I looked at the forge outside of the Launch Bay. 😂


CURRENTLY, on my second max level pilot (and I suspect my original pilot) I can access and equip the LotL whilst inside the Launch Bay, but it  it disappears from that weapon slot when I leave the Launch Bay for Ft. Tarsis. It was equipped in the Launch Bay, then after I returned to the Ft., that slot is empty when I look at it in the forge.


If I go on a mission after equipping LotL whilst inside the Launch Bay, once I actually go on a mission, LotL does show as equipped and is useable.


When I end Freeplay the weapon shows as missing when I use the forge from the Expedition screen or use the forge once I return to Ft. Tarsis. Then it’s again available if I return to freeplay without making loadout changes. I haven’t tested if the weapon is available during every mission type once there, but I suspect it is. In all cases I had LotL equipped into weapon slot 2.


I can’t recall if I had salvaged the LotL on my second pilot. I definitely salvaged it on my first pilot. On my first pilot, I was NOT able to equip LotL in the Launch Bay, this is expected, since I had indeed salvaged it to gain vault space.


@MasterRuoric So, workaround for this bug, try to equip the weapon in then Launch Bay and ignore that you can’t see it until you’re on a mission. Let me know if that works. Definitely seems like a bug to me. Strangely, a variation on what was happening previously.


Also, don’t forget that you can craft some masterworks from blueprints you earned on your first pilot, if you’re looking to speed yourself thru leveling.


@EA_Cade FYI


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Re: Accidently Scrapped LoD Weapon

Community Manager
Hi @MasterRuoric,

Please do let us know if @ChiraaKitteh's steps don't resolve this.
-EA Cade

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