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Re: Accidental Purchase Using Apex Coins

by K1ue

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Accidental Purchase Using Apex Coins

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I was trying to buy Revenant with legend tokens, but thanks to moving my mouse too fast I bought him using Apex Coins. I'm appalled that there's no confirmation screen saying "Yes, I want to buy this character using this type of currency" and I really would like to request that I be refunded 750 Apex Coins and Revenant removed from my account so that I can purchase him using legend tokens instead. There's simply no reason that there is not a warning when you're about to use premium currency to purchase things ingame. The attached picture is for proof that I have enough legend tokens to purchase Revenant, and that I did not need to buy him with Apex Coins.

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Re: Accidental Purchase Using Apex Coins

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Sorry, buddy but that's entirely on you, nothing anyone can do to help. Sad to hear that though.

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