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Accidental Pack Purchase

by Ipmun

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Accidental Pack Purchase

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Hi Support, 


Love the game and love what you do at CG and EA. 

Was hoping you guys and gals could help me with a booboo. 

I was leaning on my phone while watching tele in bed and seriously accidentally purchased a pack with my crystals I do not need. cry. 


I was wondering and hoping you guys could reverse the transaction and refund my crystals pretty please with a cherry on top as it does take a while to accumulate them. 


Please refer to the screenshots provided of my account and purchase i would Love for you to be able to reverse thanks as you can clearly see I do not need the pack at all I have all those BH and full seven stars.  Absolutely not a case of buyers remorse Standard smile 


Lots of love, 



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Re: Accidental Pack Purchase

EA Live QV Team

Hi @Ipmun can you please get in touch with our Customer Support on the matter? They should be able to make an exception and refund those most valuable crystals.

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Re: Accidental Pack Purchase

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@EA_HighCommand Thanks EA, i submitted a ticket, hope they can do it for me Standard smile

Happy gaming Standard smile
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