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Absurd menu lag - PS4

by arthurbf42

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Absurd menu lag - PS4

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I'm having menu lag like never before since a few days ago, even though connecting to the EA servers doesn't take too long, entering FUT is taking like 3-5 minutes(if I don't get an "there has been an problem communicating with EA servers" error message. In fact, anything I try to do in the menus is laggy beyond any reason, applying fitness, selecting players for SBC's(like changing through pages and such), going to the market... And frequently after a good while of loading I get disconnected with the same message. 


After a lot of messing around with my router settings with no success, I tried deleting the game and downloading it again. And voilà, it worked as a charm(for 1 day until I got booted from a champs game and afterwards the lag was back). So yesterday night I did the same thing again and left it downloading overnight. And again, after being fine the whole day the game started lagging again. I'm posting here because I don't know what to do, since internet problems from my end are ruled out and server issues too, I guess, since it works fine after I reinstall it. Any answers are appreciated

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