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Re: About EA

by czerwoHD

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About EA

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Many games has been interrupting for 2 weeks, therefore many people lost games worldwide. EA doesn't accept that this problem related to its server, they accuse customers connection instead of compensate our rights.


EA can't even manage contents of packs. EA gets worse the game for every update. Many people have lag problem, even if the match doesn't interrupt.


Tomorrow, EA admins will come here and they accuse our connection with their copy messages. They will say that records can't be changed.


I couldn't take 11 wins due to EA servers because many games interrupted. Therefore, I will not play FUT weekend next week. I regret my waste money but I am happy that this game will not irritate me next week!!!


Also, I will investigate my rights as a customer. If I find a solution, I will share it here (If EA allows) and social media.

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Re: About EA

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@sarilacicubuklu I`m suprised that anyone can still enjoy this game. any mode other than online is nonsense. but playing online makes every single game the same. drop back, 10 men deffense, counter attack, the same squads every single game - how come they enjoy playing like this? I haven`t win a single game since weeks due to my team perfect wrong diretcions passing, tones of 100% one on one wasted opputinites, and standing still defenders.
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