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Abandonment penalty

by galaxiasstratos

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Abandonment penalty

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Honesty the new penalty system is the democratics logo you make it to where people can’t quit not just because its “unfair to the other players” no it’s unfair to us it’s unfair to those that pay for the season pass don’t like waiting for the whole squad to get wiped out because the percentage of someone who is a stranger clutching it then having to resupply on the death boxes just to be shot up by some other squad is complete bull fix this crap it wasn’t on season one or two don’t make it onwards for players to have to wait 800 freaking minutes, MINUTES, it’s like a court case just say hours wtf don’t stretch it just don’t do it take away the freaking penalty it’s not really hurting anyone but yourself no one cares about the penalty we all just wanna play without no freaking waiting time penalty 

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