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APEX server lag 2020

by ROG_Mandalorian

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APEX server lag 2020

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I've put up with this for far too long now not to say something!! The server lag, especially when playing Ranked has made the game unplayable and frankly, I'm very disappointed EA. Was fine in the early days and has become progressively worse. To the point that it's virtually impossible to rank up to plat for us keyboard bashers and non-pro players. Some games are fine then, you have a few in succession that are terrible. Seriously considering going to another platform in search of something else to play, which is sad as Apex has been heaps of fun.



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Re: APEX server lag 2020

Community Manager
@ROG_Mandalorian Wanted to see if you are still experiencing lag issue? If so to confirm you are on PC?
- Illium

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Re: APEX server lag 2020

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I am still experiencing lag issues and yes, I am on PC.

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