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AI Players are horrible at reviving

by Watplri

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AI Players are horrible at reviving

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Exactly what the title says. They keep moving and using abilities when attempting to revive. Especially Chompers. Can I fix this by playing on a higher difficulty?

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Re: AI Players are horrible at reviving

AI behavior is quirky for sure.  Got five scientists around you and need a heal beam?  Forgot it!  One thing I've noticed is that they seem to pay more attention to you when you're scoring well.  Revives are likewise a mystery.  What game mode(s) are you playing?  Certainly in ops, if your teammate is near you when you are vanquished, they will try to revive you, sometimes when it's not that prudent.  AI behavior seems to change with difficulty, as is logical, but I don't know about revives.  The different difficulty levels do seem to come with different "intelligence" levels of the AI.

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