Re: 99% ram usage in online

by Konform103

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99% ram usage in online

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Hello everyone, I have an issue with the game. my game used to work great and smooth but until last week it stared to used very high ram usage.

I have 1×8gb ram GTX1050 with I5 3470. with all setting in low I have 60-90 fps without any fps drop

when I'm in firing range ram usage is in 70% and fame is so smooth but in online games my ram usage goes to 99% and start lagging without any fps drop or any background apps

Any fix for this problem ?

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Re: 99% ram usage in online

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@its-me-shp the game should detect the amount of ram you have and adjust.. for example i had a 8gb system few months back and apex would use 5-6gb of ram.. now i have 16gb and it uses 8-9gb..

i think the game has a small memory leak or some sort.. the ram usage may rise if you play long continuous hours.. so restart the game once in a while

also make sure there is enough empty space on the drives.. if your ram is full it will start using virtual memory which is on your hard drives
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Re: 99% ram usage in online

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@Konform103 Thx for the Information. I restart game once but nothing fixed
and drives are all ok with space
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Re: 99% ram usage in online

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@its-me-shp are you on steam? can u tell us how much ram apex legends is using when you are in online game?
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