9.149 error

by Satt0n

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9.149 error

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I'm trying to log in to game with my EA account on a new phone, but getting an error 9.149. I can't even use in-game support, because when I try to do so, I've got a message something went wrong, reload the page, and I did it about 10 times. Please help me, because I'm not want to use my old phone anymore. My ally code 249628315

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Re: 9.149 error

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Previously, there was a problem identified with error code 9.0.

Based on prior instances, the following steps assisted players in resolving the matter:

1. Ensure your account is linked with either Google Play or Game Center.

2. Remove the game from your device.

3. Ensure you're connected to a stable WiFi network.

4. Reinstall the game. (During this process, SWGoH will attempt to download all necessary assets. It's crucial not to interrupt this.)

Often, a clean installation can rectify transient technical glitches.

Additionally, it might be that your account is designated as underage. Can you access the guild chat?
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Re: 9.149 error

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Hi @Satt0n


I'm catching up with threads here and wanted to check in with you. How did you get on since? Have you been able to log in and play the game again? 


- EA_Lanna


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