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9.149 error

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I'm trying to log in to game with my EA account on a new phone, but getting an error 9.149. I can't even use in-game support, because when I try to do so, I've got a message something went wrong, reload the page, and I did it about 10 times. Please help me, because I'm not want to use my old phone anymore. My ally code 249628315

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Re: 9.149 error

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Previously, there was a problem identified with error code 9.0.

Based on prior instances, the following steps assisted players in resolving the matter:

1. Ensure your account is linked with either Google Play or Game Center.

2. Remove the game from your device.

3. Ensure you're connected to a stable WiFi network.

4. Reinstall the game. (During this process, SWGoH will attempt to download all necessary assets. It's crucial not to interrupt this.)

Often, a clean installation can rectify transient technical glitches.

Additionally, it might be that your account is designated as underage. Can you access the guild chat?
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