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Re: [2019] ¿Why i didnt have received my One Time password yet?

by proxos666

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[2019] ¿Why i didnt have received my One Time password yet?

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Yesterday i had a trouble with my I.P. and i got my router off.    Clock

Obviously SWTOR when do you change your IP asks to you the ONE TIME PASSWORD wich sends to your email,

the problem is that in my email there is no one password or message from SWTOR mail system.









Right now i was waiting 7 hours yet and i tried like 4 times the same thing, i am just geting bored with that game althought i just have bought it 1 week ago with preferred status to play for more than 60 days, thinking that this game was alive but now i recognize that i was really wrong.

And if that was not enough, i tried to recover my password and the mail system didnt send to me nothing, also i tried to recover my player name, to see if the system really was bug with my account, contact info or something like that, and effectively, the SWTOR mail system dont send to me nothing, like if something is wrong with my account as if it did not existed
I let my account info below because that Mail is totally Spamed yet and i dont take care about show my mail in a public space,
I have hope that someone from within EA may be able to behave like a good Samaritan.
AccountName:  ArexID
AccountMail:  [edit: email address removed]
Perharps my Mail Delivery is locked or something like that.
If the problem is not solved in more than 1 week that is going to be the last time wich i pay to EA money and i will talk badly about their games until i reach my Final.
There are only support in German, French and U.K. of course and only with a really expensive mobile call if you are for example, from Switzerland, Italy or Netherlands.
This  final part is for EA, with the maximum amount of respect possible,
If tou have the key to unlock my account but you are still going to repeate the same solution than the text of the webpage, really ****; ****  you, if you are going to tell me that I must make an international call and spend more money in a game wich i bought yet.   Teeth bared
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Re: [2019] ¿Why i didnt have received my One Time password yet?

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There is this help article 


Consider using skype , being way down in Australia an hour call using skype costs about $2.00 they can give you a passcode over the phone to get you in worst case


I would consider setting up a security key that way your not reliant on a mail system to play the game, programs like winauth can be used on the same PC so no need for a smart phone


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