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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

by Alex17191

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2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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Over the past 5 years my younger cousin and I have shared my EA Account, we both have separate PSN accounts and separate Ultimate Teams/Pro Clubs etc but for signing into EA Servers and companion app we have used my account.

We’ve never had any problems in terms of connectivity, playing at the same time, or anything like that. The closest we’ve had to a problem is using the Companion app at the same time the other is on Console which isn’t really a problem at all. 

All of a sudden on FIFA 21, my cousin and I cannot sign onto the EA Servers at the same time, making playing our Division Rivals and FUT Champs games in time very hard/impossible.


I’ve raised this issue with EA Live Chat 3 times, the first two times I was told that EA are aware of the problem and are investigating a fix for this, however today I contacted to ask for an update and was told that on FIFA 21 it is not possible for 2 players to be signed into the same EA Account at once, meaning my cousin and I who have both invested £60 on the game, as well as probably a combined £300/450 on FIFA Points in order to have a useable team for FUT Champs, are not at all this FIFA gonna be able to play whenever we want, we must co-ordinate with eachother or one of us must sacrifice playing our games.


We have never been warned about this by EA, if we had, my cousin would’ve simply used an alternative PSN and EA account for FIFA this year before he started, but now we’ve both started and built respectable teams, and it would be unfair for us to have to throw that away. 

However if we now want to resolve our issue, my cousin would have to use an alternative account, and if he wants to keep his coins/team he would have to transfer this to his other account, but the problem is if he did this he would be banned and lose all this progress that he has spent real life money on. 

How can EA justify this and not help us and other players likely going through the same issue? We were given no warning, no opportunity to transfer his Ultimate Team and progress. 
Can somebody please offer some guidance on this? The live chat advisors have not been helpful at all and have quite clearly lied to us at some point. If not, would anyone be able to advise on EA’s official complaints process please?

I hate to vent like this but when we have dedicated time and a lot of money you do not expect these issues. 

Any help and advice would be massively appreciated.





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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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@KevHartLFC205 Spot on, this has been raised multiple times and EA have lied about it and are now ignoring it.
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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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Are you aware of this issue too? I’ve had multiple misleading responses on Live Chat from them, I was told they’re investigating and to keep an eye on EA Help on Twitter but when they said basically it’s tough and there’s nothing they can do I’m just shocked. We have two good Ultimate Teams worth 100,000’s each and can’t even play our full 30 weekend league games each because we can’t get on at sociable hours to play. 

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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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@KevHartLFC205 I have same problem. Have raised numerous posts on forums and no joy. Had a EA community manager on one of the posts and as soon as I mentioned that I wanted a refund as I was not informed of changes that only affect Fifa 21 and it was now an inferior product the chat went silent. I have said many times EA must think we are all muppets if they think we are going to create new PSN logins and lose out of purchases / trophies etc just because they have implemented a stupid system this year. 

A group of us on the forum keep trying to post every couple of days to keep highlighting the issue. 

Not sure where we stand legally regarding refunds etc for game and associated Fifa points purchased etc. Anyone that works in legal side of things maybe able to help. Failing that emails to their PR/ press and get a online petition started. 

you can probably tell that I too am raging over this, got the ultimate edition and basically don’t even play it now as cannot get online due to Son playing. 

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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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Honestly, it is unbelievable. I said the same regarding a refund for the refund of FIFA points and game and they basically ignored and changed subject. It's a disgrace we were given no warning, myself and my cousin both like to play FUT Champs and I now sacrifice playing because he won't be able to get his games in if I do. Can you please link me to any other areas this is being discussed so I can voice my opinion?

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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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I'm also very disappointed by they way EA is dealing with this issue...they are just ignoring it. Still hoping for a fix... 

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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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Still no update 

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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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Basically if you mention it they say you’re lucky you’re not banned as it’s against their T&Cs but why was it ever an option to have two accounts linked to one if it’s against the T&Cs, also basically said if you make a new account to fix the problem but try and transfer your coins over you’ll get banned for that too. So there’ll be no fix 

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Re: 2 UT Accounts on one EA Account

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@KevHartLFC205  I’m sure it wouldn’t stand up in court as only reason the accounts are linked was due to Fifa years ago asking for an ea account and my son asked if we had one to save him creating one. We have used this for years and EA are well aware. I spoke to one of their advisors on phone but I think I was just palmed off as he said they were working on a way to split accounts. Far as I’m concerned that’s my last Fifa. They should have allowed you to split the accounts. If I log into my ea account I see my PSN username and my sons, however I am unable to delete any from my account. Simple solution allow us to unlink it. I feel EA are just not interested and it shows when no representative on forums comment.  As you’ve probably seen in my other posts they are seriously bonkers if they think I am creating a new PlayStation account just to play fifa and lose all my subscriptions and purchases. Only time will tell but I feel there should be a warning on the box so that consumers are aware of this newly implemented change prior to purchasing.

it basically means that you can never play fifa again as it prevents the other person from playing if both online. And to make matters worse if I play on PS5 it now logs my son out of his PS4 game without warning. At least prior to PS5 it just wouldn’t connect to FUT. now I can’t even play offline if my son is playing as he gets kicked out. Total joke when we have both bought the game. 

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