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1k coins dissapeared

by Holeshot7

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1k coins dissapeared

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I'd like to start by saying I am VERY particular about spending currency, both in real life and video games. I've only purchased coins in Apex twice. The 1st was for the very 1st battle pass and the 2nd was for the Reindeer Octane skin. I've managed my currency very careful as so that I would never have to purchase more coins for future battle passes. I've always made sure I've had enough to purchase every future battlepass that is released and so far I've been successful. A few days ago I had noticed that all of my Apex coins were gone. I was down to ZERO coins even after going through about 40 levels in the battlepass. Assuming I had used every single coin (which I didn't) there should still be at least 400 coins on my account. I tried reaching out to the chat support with no luck... Has anyone else experience this or similar issues? I've been playing this game religiously since release and it's so disappointing that they are not willing to help me out. Thanks in advanced to anyone that responds.


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Re: 1k coins dissapeared

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Please make contact with an EA Game Advisor so we can take a look at what is going on.

Click the following link to get started:

For help with contacting an Advisor, please see this link:


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Re: 1k coins dissapeared

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i bought last night some apex coins but I waited a lot of time to show up until now there is no apex coin what should I do? I need to buy the battle pass quickly 


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