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100% gpu and cpu usage

by TWITCH_Venraxi

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100% gpu and cpu usage

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Anyone else having problems with apex legends using 100% cpu and gpu? 


Had some random crashes on the loading screen before the Main menu so reinstalled the pc and Windows after trying to fix the crashes with EA’s help. 


It worked fine yesterday.


i have a 1080 ti and 8700 processor, have always played on low on everything and disabled on all that can be disabled.


thought it was my OBS since I stream but no the game itself with low/disabled in all with 144 fps uses 100% gpu and cpu and lags the pc.


if I use the 1/2 adaptive it kinda works and drops the usage but is unplayable with that low fps.


anyone else with the same issues?


(Every driver and update is installed after fresh installation ofc)

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Re: 100% gpu and cpu usage

Community Manager

Hey @TWITCH_Venraxi, thanks for the details! 


Do you have this issue only when streaming and have you tried other streaming programs then OBS? 




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Re: 100% gpu and cpu usage

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Similar issue on my side. Apex uses 97 - 100% GPU even when not streaming. My GPU is GeForce 1080.
I noticed one thing though - I have the game windowed borderless and as soon as I click out on the 2nd screen, GPU usage drops down under 30%. Would be great to have a fix for it.

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Re: 100% gpu and cpu usage

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32gb of ram might solve it then again what do i know lol
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