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Re: -100% download.

by DBWoodynz

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-100% download.

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My game is trying to download from the launcher but says its at -100% download and wont move. I have had this game installed as running on this computer. I have also completely uninstalled everything about 3 times and re-downloaded the launcher.

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Re: -100% download.


It is unadvisable to just uninstall and reinstall the game as it is very rare that it will actually fix your issue.


That said would it be possible for you to provide a few logs? (*Expecting spamage).


c:/program files/electronic arts/BioWare/starwars-the old republic/LOGS

 Open Last LOG




*You can just right click the swtor short cut on your desktop and select "Open File Location" you will then seen the Logs folder near the top.

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