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Re: 100% GPU usage even in lobby

by heheCx

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100% GPU usage even in lobby

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I have been playing this game since the beginning, but recently I got a very annoying issue.


Here is what happens almost every time I tries to play:

- I started the game and played for a few minutes, the FPS suddenly drops to ~10, which is totally unplayable.

- I quit the match and get back to lobby, the FPS still remains very low, about 16 fps. (Normally, I got more than 200 fps in lobby)


When I open the task manager and see what happens, I see my GPU usage is 100%.



Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Thanks.


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Re: 100% GPU usage even in lobby

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you figure out your issue yet? go to process and see what all is using the gpu...i have a 1060 6gb which from the image i think is what you have mines the zotac amp edition no backplate... never ove 65c.... overclocked 150 core and 430 memory clk, 0 overvolt, 80 limited power draw, my fps on all high settings with 110 fov i get at least 70 to 80 fps. cpu is a r5 2400g no overclock while on apex.....running driver 419.35..also got rivaturner working with apex idk if thats an actual issue but mine didnt and others didnt as well... but anyways, im decent with problem solving. no schooling, just lmk something....
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Re: 100% GPU usage even in lobby

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Make sure you have updated your GPU to the latest drivers and updated any applications that are for your GPU (Catalyst for AMD and GeForce Experience for NVIDIA). If you have all updates trying checking for and malware or virus with your anti-virus of choice. What will also work, closing applications like discord, skype, steam, etc... because they might interfere with Apex. Keep us updated Standard smile

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