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100% GPU Usage in the Main Menu

by refeikes

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100% GPU Usage in the Main Menu

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My GPU is getting hammered by the game in the main menu, especially the Lootbox screen. Its permanently pinned at 99% usage and running hotter than even in matches of Galactic Assault, or in any other game i play.

So im asking myself: how can a MENU SCREEN be more demanding than e.g. Rise of the Tomb Raider on Ultra settings at 144 Hz??


GPU is a GTX 1080 @ 2000MHz, CPU i7 7700k @ 4.5Ghz


Can anyone explain this?

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Re: 100% GPU Usage in the Main Menu

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If you use a GPU overlay via Origin, EVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner etc. you may see the framerate be super high on that screen.


I was able to limit the FPS to the screen refresh rate using Afterburners' Riva Tuner Statistics Server. This YT video has the steps:


Let us know if that helps, thanks.



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Re: 100% GPU Usage in the Main Menu

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I tried Installing Riva Statistics, and it showed me im only running 144 FPS in the menu as it should be with my Monitor, still the GPU is at 99% usage all the time. 

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Re: 100% GPU Usage in the Main Menu

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not sure what brand computer you have but if its a asus rog control alt delete see if rog gamers first program is running under processes if so end it than try playing game

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