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Re: 1.0.4 Woes, Concerns and Suggestions

by AdhesiveMadMan

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Re: 1.0.4 Woes, Concerns and Suggestions

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Yep, I'm having freeplay mission problems too.

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Re: 1.0.4 Woes, Concerns and Suggestions

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Is anyone else having issues with freeplay.  It is not loading any of the missions

Yes, I am. I get markers to go to different places full of enemies with no objectives then don't get a chest once I clear them out. Then, I get new markers to repeat the cycle.



I'm hesitant to craft consumables because roughly 75% of the times I equip them before an expedition, I get disconnected and sent back to Ft. Tarsis. The consumables I equipped before the disconnect are counted as consumed, and materials I used to craft them are gone. When I run an expedition "naked," it loads the map without a problem.



We need more Outlaws and Outlaw turrets. For a faction of enemies with such a generic name, one would assume they'd be the most abundant in the game.

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Re: 1.0.4 Woes, Concerns and Suggestions

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Today, I noticed a significant increase of Outlaws. They're not as common as Scars or Dominion, but their numbers have improved greatly.

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