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0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

by smykoI

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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How do you get those 2 errors? I suppose the game crashes and you pull them from the Event Viewer, correct?

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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No, those are two separate errors that are crashing my game. They don't pop up at once. 9/10 times i will get 0x887a0006 Device_Hung and 1/10 it's 0x887a0005 Device_Removed(maybe even less than that). 

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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I understand you get them separately, but how do you pull them? Via Event Viewer or you get a windows error message?

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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ahh, yes, windows error message. Game window turns black or just freezes and window with error pops up.

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Download DirectX from the official site and install. It will reapply all files and if you have some already corrupted ones, it will fix them.

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Windows update installs automaticaly DX12. Gave it a try and there was an information that newer version of program is already installed and there is no need for such operation.

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Today in act of desperation I did full format once again. 430.64 drivers, on PC instaled:

- only windows updates

- GPU driver

- Origin with Apex

- discord (was not active when crash happened)

Errors are still present, I dont know what to do else, are there any oficial statements they are working on it? It can't be any programs that collide with Apex because PC is completly clean. Also i can't find any new posts about this issue so i assume others gave up. I'm following every patch note and non of them are adressing 0x887a0006 errors. They aren't in open issues. Any help? Anwsers?


Here is new dxdiag:

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Hello there once again. I STILL have a problem with this 0x887a0006 error. Can someone please help me? Or just give an information if they are working on fixing it? I've tried everything on forum, 3rd party websites and tried playing with settings on my own nothing helped. All of my drivers:chipset,bios,graphic,audio even monitor, mouse etc. Everything that has drivers is up to date.


And I tried:

- Debug mode on graphic card.

- Tweaks in nvidia control panel.

- Adding apex and origin to firewall exceptions.

- Going back to older drivers (tried 417.71, 419.17, 419.35, 419.67, 425.11, 430.39, 430.64) i am currently at 430.64. (every instal was done with ddu and clean install)

- Setting cap on fps (144 because of 144hz monitor).

- Running max settings, mid settings and low settings.

- I even done full PC format.

- Regedit fix file.

- Running as administrator and setting off fullscreen optimization(Apex and Origin).

- Running borderless windowed mode.

- Turning off HDD "sleep mode".

- Low priority on Easy Anti Cheat.

- Lowering ram speed to 2133 mhz.

- Clean boot.

- Every power option,


- I did full PC format once again with only windows updates, driver 430.64 and origin with apex - still crashed.


I repeted some of steps several times. Drivers were updated and downgraded at least 20times all using ddu and clean install.


I might have missed something, there was so much things i had tried already - basically all on EA forums and more.


My spec:

Ryzen 5 2600

Rtx 2060 Gaming OC Pro 

G-skill Trident Z 3000mhz

Aorus B450 PRO

SeaSonic 550W Focus+ Gold



Help me, I'm desperate!

My dxdiag and ss:

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Topic closed (problem isn't solved!). I've contacted EA again today and they said that this error is still an open issue and studio is working on it. They dont know when it will be fixed.

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Game Freezing and Stops Responding 1 Min After Launch

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Hi guys,


Since the update with season 2, I have been unable to play Apex at all. I load the game and within 1 minute, no matter if I have joined a game or am sat on the menu, the game will stop responding and I have to end the task. I have updated all my drivers and BIOS, tried limiting my frames, running compatibility mode, turning off overlays, reducing graphics settings, turning off gsync, toggling windowed mode, disabling full screen optimization, repairing the game files, deleting all Microsoft redistribute C++ and repairing, reinstalling the game, but it's still not working.


I've attached a DxDiag to take a look through.


Thank you,


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