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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

by Bluelagoon2018

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0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Hey, I have problem with constant errors 0x887a0006 and and less but still 0x887a0005 (from time to time even my whole PC crashes or freezes). I called EA support several times but didn't get any helpful tips how to solve this problem, that i didn't already tried.


And I tried:

- Debug mode on graphic card.

- Tweaks in nvidia control panel.

- Adding apex and origin to firewall exceptions.

- Going back to older drivers (tried 417.71, 419.17, 419.35, 419.67, 425.11, 430.39) i am currently at 430.39. (every instal was done with ddu and clean install)

- Setting cap on fps (144 because of 144hz monitor).

- Running max settings, mid settings and low settings.

- I even done full PC format.

- Regedit fix file.

- Running as administrator and setting off fullscreen optimization(Apex and Origin).

- Running borderless windowed mode.

- Turning off HDD "sleep mode".

- Uninstall visual C++ 2017 and running 2015(somehow I can't have both instaled on my PC - 2015 doesn't show up in control panel when 2017 is installed).

- Low priority on Easy Anti Cheat.

- Lowering ram speed to 2133 mhz.


I might have missed something, there was so much things i had tried already - basically all on EA forums and more.


My spec:

Ryzen 5 2600

Rtx 2060 Gaming OC Pro 

G-skill Trident Z 3000mhz

Aorus B450 PRO

SeaSonic 550W Focus+ Gold



DON'T REDIRECT THIS TO SOLVED TOPIC. I posted this couple weeks ago, didn't get any reply. Why? because somone redirected thath post to solved topic...

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Impossible to have visual c++ 2015 and 2017.. The 2017 version works fine and is recommended

You need 2010/2012/2013/2017 both in 32 bit and 64 bit.. Recommended to have the latest versions from microsoft website..

Also give it a go to framework 4.8.2 (default windows is 4.7)

Update bios to version F31

Disable auto page file management and set 16gb of virtual memory to ur main drive (minimum value 16000 maximum value 16000) dont spread out virtual memory on multiple drives
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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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i've done everything just now and i got an error after 2 min of "playing"...

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Try ddu uninstall

And give version 417.35 a try

Dont install geforce experience

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Hey idk if its in your realm...But I had an idea of how to get rid of hackers pretty quickly...
Could create an algorithm that shows you only the matches where there is top 5 before round 1 gas closes?
This way you could maybe go in see kill feeds and spectate, and seek out hackers..
Just thought of this because most of the games that have hackers In them, the kill leader is usually the hacker and usually there is top 3 squads before round 2 -.- (90% of games where theres a hacker)

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Also, same... Ive done literally everything you said and even reverting drivers with ddu... To no end... still crashes... 
Im pretty sure its mem leak in the game somewhere (task manager while playing and look at cpu usage... and memory) so your computer cant handle it after awhile... After it crashes I usually click the repair game, and reopen origin and I can usually get a full game in...

P.S. Also there is some console commands that make your render distance completely garbage anywhere over 40 meters away but it helps tremendously with DC's...

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Hm, I have the exact same problem, but when playing Battlefield V, not Apex. This happens only when DXR is enabled, I have no issues whe n it’s set to OFF. 

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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All of my drivers reinstall was done using ddu. And also im pretty sure 417.35 do not support RTX 2060. In Nvidia site is a list of 20 series cards and it says: 2080Ti, 2080, 2070.

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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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ok man.. can u try to mess around with some settings in the nvidia control panel like "Maximum prerendered frames" there's values between 1-4
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Re: 0x887a0006 ERROR (and 0x887a0005)

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Ok done testing all of them, mixed up some settings in nvidia control panel with other suggestions on forum. I could play on "prefer maximum efficiency" + "maximum prerender frames: 3" for 3-4h but sadly all combinations failed...

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