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Re: why has my sims 3 vanished

by puzzlezaddict

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why has my sims 3 vanished

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So I logged back in to my old EA/Origin account for the first time in maybe 8 months because I really felt like playing sims 3. But when I logged in it wasn't on there? I downloaded it from disk but it has always been on my origin and now its not. Did they delete it because I wasn't active? I had like 5 eps as well so they disappeared too and those are what I bought through origin. Someone help.

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Re: why has my sims 3 vanished

@PaigeyLou17  Origin doesn't delete content due to inactivity.  I take it you registered your discs at some point?  Have you confirmed that this is the Origin account you were using before?  Sometimes people have more than one.


If the discs were registered and this is the correct account, try clearing Origin's cache:


If you never registered the discs, you still can now, provided you have the codes.  If you don't have the case inserts from the discs, you can still find the codes on your computer.  Here's how:





If none of this helps or applies to you, you'll need to contact EA customer support to ask what happened to your content.


I don't work for EA. I'm just trying to help fellow players with their games.
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