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sims 4 toddler interaction problem

by davyjoonslocker

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sims 4 toddler interaction problem

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i don't know if it's just me, but my toddler sim just cant interact with anyone outside the household. 


whenever the grandparents or whoever else comes over to visit nothing ever happens. using the toddler's perspective, if i click on someone no interactions show up..but then after a while the options appear again. for example, the toddler is using the potty and when i click on a grandparent it says something like "teach how to potty" but then after a while none show up again.

i do have mods on my sims and i repaired the game after removing the mods and putting them back in again when it was done. but it doesn't seem to work. Frown


thank you! 


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Re: sims 4 toddler interaction problem


You have to start the game with the mods removed and see if it works then

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